Mid America Fists in Action (MAFIA) Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Illinois, USA
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.mafiaff.org/info
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/midamericafistsinaction
Twitter: @MafiaBlackHole

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Mid America Fists in Action (MAFIA) is an organization for those interested in fisting or handball.



  • Each sling has a light, mirror, stool, small table, and trash can.
  • In addition to slings, there are other areas to play on and in, let your imagination run wild!
  • We provide everything you need: Crisco, Paper Towels and Gloves.
  • The space is well-heated with quiet electric baseboard heat.
  • Our multi speaker sound system delivers great mood setting music.
  • Our private touch-up facility is only for touch ups. Bring your own standard nozzle, or for a $10 deposit we can supply one if you forget.
  • We have a changing/social area and provide bags for your clothing.
  • Two play areas in the wamrer months. Bring shorts to roam between the two areas as nudity is not allowed outdoors.
  • A Safe Box is available for small valuables, such as your wallet and phone.
  • Beverages and snacks are included for when you need a break.
  • Anyone playing 30 minutes before we close must help with equipment take down.
  • So… CUM Join us and engulf yourself in hot FF MANplay.



  • MAFIA reserves the right to eject any party attendee at any time. Illegal drug use is stricly prohibited, as is being visibly intoxicated. Registration fees will not be refunded if you are ejected.
  • BEFORE THE PARTY – Do your primary clean out before you arrive. Touch-up facilities are limited. Bring your own standard shower shot nozzle. With a $10 deposit we have “loaners” if you don’t bring one. Please clean up the facility after you finish.
  • All attendees must be quiet as they arrive and leave the party site. The location and directions will be communicated after you register for the party. You must be pre-registered to attend or you will be denied entry for the safety of everyone. Applications will NOT be accepted at the door.
  • Play is restricted to the designated party area. No drugs allowed. Smoking is not permitted indoors, only in the designated smoking area outside. Anyone who becomes disruptive will be asked to leave. If you are a sponsored guest, your sponsor will be required to escort you home and may return later.
  • TOPS – Disposable gloves are provided for your use and it is MANDATORY that you use a fresh pair of gloves for each session whenever you are topping. Condom use is MANDATORY as well. After each session, wash your hands and arms using the anti-bacterial soap provided.
  • BOTTOMS – We provide individual cans of Crisco as a courtesy. Write your name on the can and do NOT share lubricant. You are free to bring your own lubricant as well.
  • Please use the provided underpads on the sling and discard when finished. Use the provided newspapers to cover the floor area underneath the sling. When finished, please clean your play area thoroughly (including the floor) and discard all used materials in the garbage cans provided. Use the supplied spray disinfectant and wipe down the equipment. Please remove all personal belongings from the play area when you leave.
  • Do not jump or bounce in the slings. Do not occupy the play equipment when you are not playing. Please clean the equipment quickly after you are finished playing so that others may enjoy.
  • Keep conversations to a minimum in the play area and use the social area to chat with others when not playing. When playing, be considerate of other’s session by limiting loud outbursts, as this may be disruptive to their scene.
  • Do not participate in another’s session unless you are invited. Keep “voyeurism” at a comfortable distance from those playing.
  • Personal toys are allowed should you desire to bring them. No photography of any kind is allowed anywhere on the party premises during an event.
  • We provide a secured safe for your small valuables, such as wallet and cell phone. Bring only bring what you need in the way of valuables. Mid America Fists In Action, Inc. cannot be responsible for loss of your property.
  • Please bring your own shorts to go and play in different areas of the space. No nudity is allowed outside.


Membership in MAFIA is open to those who identify as male, are 21 years of age or older, and who have demonstrated an interest and proficiency at Fisting or Handballing. Although membership in MAFIA is limited to self-identified males, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, handicap, HIV status, or partnership/marital status.

MAFIA members are required to comply with the organization’s by-Laws and house rules. Sanctions for violations of the rules and policies of MAFIA are defined in the by-Laws. The MAFIA membership list is confidential and is not to be disclosed to non-members.

To apply for full membership, you must be sponsored by at least two current members in good standing.

If applying by mail, prospective members should fill out the MAFIA membership application and get the signatures of two sponsors on the form. It should then be sent to our PO Box address along with the membership application fee.

The Membership Chair will report the names of applicants at the next regular MAFIA Board of Directors meeting. Those names will be published in the newsletter for comment by any current member. At the following Board meeting, any comments received concerning the applicant will be presented and discussed. Then a vote of the Board will be taken to accept or reject the applicant. Applicants will be notified by mail of the acceptance or rejection of their application.

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