Alabama Classified FetLife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Alabama, USA

This group is geared towards folks living in Alabama that wish to place ads seeking someone within the lifestyle.

I am hoping to help like minded kinksters in finding someone that will be a good match for them without having to spend hours upon hours going through profiles and finding nothing. This is a way that people can post, in extreme depth, what is that they want from a relationship, what type of person they seek, and what type of person the poster is.

I understand that these are just words on a page and that anyone can fake anything but I would love to believe that people can at least attempt to portray themselves in a manner that would lead to a successful and healthy relationship.

Good luck and have fun!
~MD ♥


  • All ad tittles must clearly state your role and the role you are seeking.
  • Please be clear and concise in what it that you seek.
  • Pro’s please don’t post here.
  • No bashing other people’s posts.
  • Be nice. This is not high school.
  • Remember we’re all adults here.
  • Have fun and good luck.

*Do not ban the owner or any leaders of the group. This will get you banned from the group.

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