Arizona Game Geeks FetLife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Arizona, USA

A place for gamers in Arizona. PC or console, pen-and-paper or MMO, miniatures or “Munchkin,” it’s all good. This is intended as a place for folks to discuss their gaming habit and connect with other gamers looking for LAN parties or game groups. This shouldn’t be construed as a personals site, but if game geeks find kinky love through here, cool.


The ground rules for the group. As long as we all play nice, we should all get along.

  1. Basic courtesy must be observed at all times. Save the “pwn u all, biznatches!” stuff for the CTF maps.
  2. Keep the platform flame wars out. While I like a good intelligent debate as much as the next guy, this isn’t the new battleground for PC vs. Mac vs. Xbox360 vs. PS3. Grousing about rules changes in 4th Edition D&D is fine, but telling people they’re not gamers if they’ve never played 2nd Edition is a no-no.
  3. No trolling. People looking for GMs or game groups, that’s perfectly acceptable, even encouraged. Posting word that you’re looking for a game group or a GM is not considered trolling. But personal ads are verboten. Folks want to hook up, cool. It’d warm the cockles of my heart if I helped bring two people together. Just not through this venue. First time violators get talked to. Second time violators get the banhammer.


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