Ageplay Columbus FetLife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Phenix City, AL, USA

This is a place for Age Players who are in in the Columbus GA (and surrounding areas) to meet, discuss topics, post events, gain knowledge, play and further explore.

Age play is always between consenting adults and a type of role play.

Most meetings will happen in the Columbus GA, Phenix City AL and occasionally Auburn AL areas. If those are interested, we may travel to other groups/areas.

If you are just curious about Age Play Role playing or know someone who is into Age Play Role playing, you are welcome to join too. Also, Adult Babies Role playing and Diaper Lovers Role playing are welcome to join too.

Anyone is welcome to start a discussion and/or post an event/meeting.

I hope you all have tons of fun!

Restricted to:


Those who are interested in, curious about, and/or know someone into Age Play Role playing, Adult Babies Role playing and/or Diaper Lovers Role playing.


Make sure you always keep up to date with the TOS rules and follow them. Your membership to the group will be revoked if you do not follow them.

  • Please do not disrespect or bash others.
  • Please do not post your personal ads, there are other groups for that.
  • No drama.
  • Play nice!

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