Address: Jacksonville, FL, USA
Email: [email protected]

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FIRST COAST LEATHER SOCIETY is for people interested in the leather, uniforms, Levi and BDSM lifestyle and the celebration of special interests.  FCLS was founded June 2005.
In order to secure unity, integrity, honor, respect, trust and tradition within the community of North Florida and Florida At-Large, the members of FIRST COAST LEATHER SOCIETY, promise to uphold every individual as equals and his/her lifestyle as long as they adhere to the By-Laws of THE FIRST COAST LEATHER SOCIETY.  Members will strive to reach out to everyone, no matter what sexual orientation or race.  Neither will they discriminate due to handicap or gender identity.  They vow to create and maintain a solid unified front that encourages growth, understanding and cooperation.  They also will promote and create an educational program for teaching and instructing the Leather/BDSM lifestyle as mentors and examples of correct and proper etiquette and protocol.

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