N.E.A.D.S North East Alabama Dungeon Society FetLife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Anniston, AL, USA
Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/groups/9947

Northeast Alabama Dungeon Society (N.E.A.D.S.) is a pan-sexual group that meets in Anniston/Oxford Alabama and welcomes all those in the surrounding areas to attend. Our goal is to provide a means to allow like minded individuals within the kink, BDSM and D/s communities to socialize, communicate and share knowledge in a casual non-pressured environment. We welcome both newbies and those who have many years in the Lifestyle. All kinks are welcome (as long as it’s legal).

We currently hold at least 2 munches a month. We are going to try a set schedule for the munches. We will start having them on the second and fourth Friday of the month, location may vary.They are held at public locations and are open for anyone over 19 to attend.

**We hold occasional demo/play parties at a private location. Attendance to these parties is restricted to:

  1. Those having attended 2 munches and having approval of leadership. Just because you come to 2 munches does NOT automatically mean you are approved! Leadership will send anyone approved to attend a private message. You will NOT be vetted before you attend 2 munches.
  2. You must meet the minimum age requirement of 19. **

If you can not attend munches when we have them just send a private message to any of leadership and we will be more then happy to set something up to meet with you.
Meetings are posted both in the group and as FetLife event listings.

If you have any questions about the group or want more information please contact one of the group leaders by PM and we will be happy to assist you.


  • No personal attacks or discussion of anything illegal. Play Nice.
  • N.E.A.D.S is not responsible for what goes on between consenting adults. We are also not responsible for what goes on outside of N.E.A.D.S between consenting adults.
  • To be perfectly clear: please show some common courtesy and ask leadership before posting your event no matter where that event is being held to the group page. If you do not have prior consent your post will be deleted.
  • No personal ads or “hook up” type posts.
  • Must be over 19. Photo ID will need to be seen by leadership.

Rules that will get you banned from the group:

  1. The outing of another person of this or any other group. A lot of us need to keep our kinky lives and vanilla lives separate!!!
  2. The mention of anyone’s real name on FetLife. This goes hand in hand with rule# 1. We don’t know everyone on here and who maybe looking at feeds.
  3. No means NO!!!! Everyone has the right to say no and it needs to be respected.
  4. Any member who invites anyone to a play party, or gives the address of the dungeon, without prior permission from leadership, will be banned from all group activities.
Prohibited Topics

Any post related to the following topics will be deleted and the poster will be warned, removed or banned immediately. These topics are specific violations of the FetLife Terms of Use.

Any topic involving scat, fantasy or real.
Any topic involving incest, fantasy or real.
Any topic involving persons under the age of 18, fantasy or real.
Any topic involving zoophilia (sex with animals), fantasy or real.

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