Cuckolding – a single man’s dream

Cuckolding is an amazing kink and a great chance for a single guy to have sex with another man’s wife. In this article, we explore the different levels of cuckolding, from light to more extreme.

The basic thrill of cuckolding is allowing one’s wife or partner to have sex with another man. It can be extremely mild, rising to extreme sex and humiliation. The woman has great sex with another partner, and the man enjoys the ignominy of knowing and watching his wife performing sexual activities. In many ways, a single man’s dream if he can find the right couple.

There are theories that cuckolding even dates back to our biological make up, seeking additional partners to ensure procreation through more participants, and that the jealousy effect can increase sperm production when the partners next have sex.

Cuckolding can be extremely mild, where the partners have agreed that the female should enjoy another partner in private. The partners would use adult dating to find a suitable single guy, communicating that they are looking for a man to meet and have sex with the wife. It could be in the family home or in a hotel, but in this instance, the husband is often not even present, he just has the knowledge that his wife has participated in sex with another. The story will be relived later in their married bed, with the lady discussing how it was and what she felt. Some partners will be extremely aroused by this, resulting in extremely strong lovemaking as he restores his dominance as her alpha male. I suppose that we could label this “Absentee Cuckolding”!

Even in this lowest level of cuckolding, there is an element of humiliation, of knowing that your partner had been taken by another, with some even trying to employ sperm retention as further proof of the act. Others gain satisfaction from the fact that the partner has gained sexual gratification with another partner.

As a single guy looking at adult sites and adult dating, you will find many couples that are looking for an additional man for a threesome. This can be just that when two men pleasure one woman. For a woman, this is a great experience of having 4 hands and 2 mouths to pleasure her. She also has 2 penises to play with and enjoys the penetration from one or both. Generally, this is mutual satisfaction and not cuckolding. Should the male partners be bisexual an additional aspect of titillation is introduced with the males pleasing each other with the female enjoying the erotic role changing.

Even in online ads looking for an additional male, there is often the wish for the single guy to please the wife while the man watches. This is prevalent in couples with large age differences where the man, whilst very much in love with his wife, is typically not able to satisfy her sexually, and he desires her to experience another man whilst he is present. This is actually a very sweet and loving gesture, and one that the author has experienced many times. These younger wives are frequently extremely shy at the start, becoming very wild as their natural instincts for reproduction take over. The sex can be incredibly lively as they release their inhibitions in front of their partners. Post-coital and recovering from a hard climax, it is so rewarding seeing the older partner look at his rampant wife with such love. This is the most rewarding form of cuckolding that can lead to warm friendships between the 3 parties.

The more extreme fetish of cuckolding introduces extreme humiliation, and if I may, I will introduce a story that happened to me a few years back.

For various reasons, I often spent time as a single, free to do whatever I wanted with whoever wanted me. I had many lady friends but with a very open-minded attitude to sex and a great spirit of adventure, I enjoyed perusing the classifieds in Adult Dating sites. I remember an ad catching my eye for an attractive couple looking for a bull, as the wife wanted to cuckold her husband. We chatted online, sent pics and the husband wanted to meet for a coffee. What a lovely guy, smart, clean, polite, and friendly. Not much was said except that they wanted a very open/hard cuckold experience with bareback for the wife. Blood tests were organized from all parties and results were sent.

The date was set, and I arrived at the house. I was quite surprised as it was very large and extremely well-kept. The husband met me and took me to a very large lounge looking out to the garden and swimming pool. “Take a seat, and we will be with you shortly”.

A few minutes later the door opened, and this incredible-looking lady came in dressed in the most revealing lacy lingerie that I have ever seen. She was incredible, wearing a big smile and not much else. My mouth was wide open not for her but for the spectacle of her husband, who was now dressed in a pink rabbit jumpsuit complete with floppy ears and a white tale(which turned out to be a butt plug!). The look on my face must have been one of amazement as she explained that her husband is just like a little bunny, and she needed a real man.

Hubby was sent to the corner as we sat on the sofa. She was a very attractive woman and fully aroused. She kissed me on the lips and proceeded to remove my shirt, always looking over her shoulder and little bunny/hubby who sat meekly in his corner! My trousers and boxers were soon removed, and she was playing with my strengthening penis. I am well-built, and this was one of their stipulations. “Come here, silly rabbit, and see a real man’s cock”. He literally hopped over and sat on the floor next to us. She slowly proceeded to take my engorged penis into her mouth, with the little bunny watching. She then told him how beautiful my cock was and how he must also take it into his mouth. He looked hesitant, but as he started to suck me, I knew that he had done this before.

She then instructed her bunny to lick her pussy and ass as she was going to ride in both holes(none of this had been discussed before) but I’m open-minded and don’t really mind which hole I service. I was using the time to work on her amazing breasts, her nipples were rock hard and my tongue, lips, and teeth were extracting some serious moans. She lay on her back and opened her legs, and I started to approach. ”Wait,” she said, then looking at Bunny, “take this bull’s cock, and you guide it into my pussy. I want to try a real cock, not your miserable little rabbit cock”. So, with bunny’s help, I entered her and, after a short pause at the gates, decided that she should be fully introduced to my best friend as I pushed forcibly down into the depths of her pussy. This did have the desired effect, as she climaxed immediately. Grabbing bunnies ears, she told him to lick my balls and look closely as I pumped into her. “I want doggy” she screamed, and I was happy to oblige now banging her from behind with my hands around her wildly oscillating breasts. All the time the little bunny was hopping(yes hopping!) around watching us. 

She wanted a break and instructed bunny to first clean my cock and then her pussy, naturally, he obeyed. After a few minutes, she leaned over me and started to give a really wonderful wet and slurpy blow job. With her ass in the air, she instructed bunny to prepare her anus for my bull cock. Seeing a pink bunny lovingly insert KY Jelly into a beautifully rounded ass is quite a sight! I was instructed to fuck her ass and the bunny was told to watch closely, and he did, just a few inches from my balls. She was tight, but I was past being gentle and rammed hard once my head was past her sphincter. She was screaming loudly now, and he was just making, I suppose, some rabbit noises while watching my cock penetrate deeply into his wife’s ass. 

Soon I felt my climax coming and started pumping harder and even deeper, thinking that this is a great experience between some really lovely buttocks whilst watched by a pink rabbit! I came really hard and long and could feel my sperm pumping deep into her anus. 

Slowly my best friend lost his girth and length and with an audible plop, he popped back out to the daylight. I rolled off her and immediately the bunny rammed his tongue into her ass. I could hear her pushing and there were some rather lovely little wet farts as my sperm was being pushed out for the little bunny to lick up and swallow.

Post-coital is always a difficult time as one is not really sure what to say, especially as the woman is still on her knees panting with her pink bunny meticulously ensuring that he did not miss any of my sperm.

After a few minutes the little bunny licked his lips and just said “Thank you, please let yourself out!”. I took the hint and quickly dressed and closed the front door behind me. Standing on their porch waiting for an Uber, I replayed the scene in my mind. I understand cuckolding and humiliation, but never in the form of a pink bunny! Maybe this is their fetish? Who am I to offer any judgment, they had their fun, I had some great sex and now it’s time to go home!

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