The Breeches and Leather Uniform Fan club Chicago Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Chicago, IL, USA
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @bluf_chicago
Twitter: @BLUFChicago

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The mission of BLUFChicago:

To provide opportunities for men interested in leather uniforms to meet and socialize through activities that support the community, promote our interest in leather, and contribute to the history of the leather/fetish lifestyle.

What is BLUFChicago:

BLUFChicago is the local social club of an internet leather/fetish community of men who enjoy wearing full leather uniforms similar to those seen in the art work of Tom of Finland and Etienne. We create opportunities for leather enthusiast to connect in person.

BLUFChicago was relaunched in 2013 with lead organizer Michael G. and co-organizer Dr. Lorenzo F., a volunteer planning team and a group of men dedicated to keeping leather uniform fetish a regular visible and active part of the Chicago leather community.

All event graphics, web site, social media and events are organized and managed by volunteers who donate their time and talents.

What BLUFChicago does:

BLUFChicago host monthly uniform parties bringing together both BLUF members and non member uniform enthusiast in person. These events are held on Gear Night (3rd Saturday each month) at Touché and other venues throughout Chicago and surrounding area.

In addition to the monthly events BLUFChicago host, the quarterly gear nights around Chicago and special cigar and pipe parties throughout the year. We also support gear nights and other fundraisers hosted by other clubs and venues around the city.

BLUFChicago reaches actively out to and participates in our larger gay/bi/trans/queer+ community adding a bit of full leather/fetish while assisting in or attending non leather events.

We raise funds for community causes like Vital Bridges Food Pantry, The Broadway Youth Center,The legacy Project and assist in bringing awareness of important health issues to all members of our community.

During International Mr. Leather (IML) BLUFChicago is proud to co-sponsor and host several events over the weekend Including the annual cigar/pipe party at Blue Havana Cigar and our flagship BLUF reception.

What is BLUF: started as an internet club in 1997 Montreal. Today based in London there are over 3,000 members worldwide with regular events organized by local clubs throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Europe.

BLUF is the Breeches and Leather Uniform Fan club. The dresscode is strict, and the guidelines below should help you understand it. What follows is the dresscode as described from for BLUF membership approval and for BLUF events.

Please note that for BLUFChicago Gear Night events unless stated as “BLUF Dresscode Required” full fabric uniforms with or without breeches, bike leather and leather kilts (if they are part of a full uniform) are also welcomed. However, a full leather uniform with tall boots is preferred.

There are many options to build your leather uniform from online retailers and ebay, to your local military surplus, biker leather store, special event fetish markets and most importantly your local leather craftsmen.

The Offical Dresscode:

The dresscode for BLUF is Breeches and Leather Uniform. When we say “Breeches” we mean trousers with a “balloon” or bulge on the side, not just plain riding trousers. These are included:

  • Full leather uniform
    With or without breeches, full leather looks great. So, that’s shirt, trousers, probably a jacket, and accesories such as a tie, Sam Browne belt, gloves, cap. You don’t need all of these, but it should look smart, and formal
  • Fabric uniform with breeches
    Think Canadian Mountie – smart, and formal. A fabric uniform is allowed, as long as it has breeches
  • Part leather uniform
    With or without breeches. For instance, a police uniform, with a leather jacket and duty belt, or a police style fabric shirt, with leather trousers and other accessories
  • Police or military bike leathers
    British motocycle cop, German green Polizei bike leathers, and similar gear from other countries is welcome

When we say uniform, we mean something that looks formal, and smart, but it doesn’t have to be an authentic uniform that someone can point at and say “Finnish Army, 1965.” It can be a replica, or something made up – as long as it looks like it could be a uniform or formal leather outfit.

You don’t have to spend a fortune. Yes, some people aspire to a complete set of Langlitz leathers, but it’s not essential for BLUF membership. You can find lots of great gear at affordable prices, including secondhand on eBay. Remember that you can start with a part leather uniform, and replace bits of it gradually.

What’s not included

  • Motorbike gear
    The only exception to this rule is military or police bike gear, as described above. Sports bike gear is not acceptable.
  • Fabric uniforms without breeches
    Some uniforms look good, but they need either leather – try adding a jacket – or breeches. All fabric with no breeches doesn’t cut it.
  • Fabric breeches that aren’t part of a uniform
    Uniform is the key. The country Squire look is not a uniform.
  • Nazi, SS and other hate symbols
    None of these symbols are permitted on BLUF, even if you’ve tried to photoshop them out. Our members come from many countries and faiths.
  • T shirts
    There is a little leeway here, but a formal shirt or polo is better, and T shirts with logos and slogans generally aren’t included.
  • Nudity, bare chests, jockstraps
    Uniforms are the key thing on BLUF. These are not uniforms. Put your trousers on, do up your shirt!
  • Chaps, harnesses
    Again, these are not part of a uniform, in our view.
  • Skinhead gear, cross-dressing, rubber gear, denim
    Great if you like these, but they’re not part of the BLUF dresscode either.

Common mistakes

These are some of the common mistakes people make with their photos:

  • Explicitly prohibited items
    Some items are specifically not allowed on BLUF. They’re listed above. Please read the list, and don’t just try to photoshop them out.
  • Nudity or sexually explicit
    We do not allow nudity or sexually explicity photos on BLUF. It’s not a porn site. Try Snapchat.
  • Failing to look smart or formal
    The uniform look is key to our dresscode. So shirts should be done up, not open. They should be tucked into trousers, not hanging over them. Boots should be done up.
  • Not enough uniform
    You don’t have to have a full set of expensive leathers, but you do need more than just a pair of jeans and a shirt with a patch. Add a tie, a sam browne belt and so on.
  • Poorly shot photos
    We don’t expect photos to be a work of art, but if they’re dark, or out of focus, and we can’t see what you’re wearing, they’re not good enough.

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