Windy City boys Troop Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Chicago, IL, USA
Phone: (773) 453-4225
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @windycityboystroop
Twitter: @wcboystroop

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Welcome to the WCBT

Mission: To provide those who identify as “boy” in any part of their lives, in all variations regardless of gender, sex, sexual preference, race, appearance, or fetish a forum to expand, enhance, and refine their boyhood by gathering together with others boys to socialize and support each other and the community at large.

Purpose: WCBT is a back patch club for self-identified boys, which serves a purpose of coming together through brotherhood to support our members, our community at large, as well as boys throughout the community by providing safe spaces to express their boyhood as well as to learn from and educate each other. WCBT shall accomplish this through social events, mentoring, education, and fund raising events. All members shall be held to the highest standards of respect and integrity. WCBT shall not hold responsibility for the sexual activities of its members.

We work with the leather community to promote understanding and to educate one another and the greater Chicagoland community, both LGBT and Straight, to better understand the kink and fetish lifestyle. We also do a lot of things in brotherhood. We build that brotherhood in many ways, by doing things together. Socially we do a lot of things such as movies, meals, travel, camping, game nights, and lots more.
We also organize demonstrations and private venue educational events. You can also make contact with us at any of our bar nights, as well as special guest bar nights at Touche

Other local BDSM parties in Illinois (IL)

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