RACKIT Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Austin, TX, USA
Website: http://therackitclub.net/
Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/groups/11650

RACKiT is the combination of two things. First, RACK = Risk Aware Consensual Kink. Add an “iT” for “in Texas”, and you’ve got RACKiT. The club’s goal is to create opportunities to socialize with other people interested in enjoying RACK. If kink offends you, you’re in the wrong place.


The RACKiT Club holds a Kinky Happy Hour or other fun gathering every other Wednesday in Austin. The location where we meet changes every week to make driving distances more fair for everyone. Please click on the Next Happy Hour link to find out the date and location of the next one. Attire is Austin casual ( don’t want to scare the vanillas!). A/all are welcome to attend.



They are casual get-togethers, designed to give us a place to chat in person about whatever comes up. It is a great place for people new to the lifestyle to ask questions. Many times there are announcements of up coming parties by other groups.


The RACKiT Club is a network of adults interested in enjoying the company of other kinky people. The club will seek to provide opportunities for socializing. Its activities will include casual gatherings at public places open to anyone. There will also be members-only activities such as dinner parties. The RACKiT Club is not designed to compete with any other group in town. On the contrary, it will encourage its members to take advantage of all that the local community has to offer. Your participation (or lack thereof) in other BDSM clubs is irrelevant. If you’re not interested in joining, don’t worry about it. We hope you’ll come to the public events anyway.


The RACKiT Club’s membership structure is founded on the belief that our scene names ARE our real names within the context of this subculture. We know who we are, so last names are unnecessary. Each new member must be known well by at least two other members. The idea is to provide anonymity in the eyes of the the vanilla world, but accountability in our world. The membership gives some level of protection against infiltrators and persons of bad character attending the private events. The requirement for two member references will preclude newbies from gaining membership until they have gained the trust of at least two members of the network.


Come out to a Gathering and talk with folks. Then, get in contact with one of the group organizers to the right. The network will grow as trusted people bring in the people they trust.

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