New Jersey Cuckold Fetlife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: New Jersey, USA

Remember..we are all here to have fun, share ideas, meet others, and indulge in this fetish.

This is a group for everyone who has an interest in cuckolding.

This group is for all who want to meet others and/or discuss this lifestyle with others

This is a group for REAL people….not wankers/wannabes or Pros looking for clients.

Rules are simple:

  • No flaming or trolling
  • Show respect to all members and their postings.
  • Do not use this group to populate any groups you have without express permission
  • No Pro Ads..No ads that look for Pay for Play There are many other groups for that
  • If you post an ad, and it is found on your profile that you ask for money of gifts for play, your posting may deleted without warning and/or banned from group
  • No ads for making a video to sell..such as Clips4Sale…there are other groups for that.
  • You can post personal ads here, however do not include personal contact information, have them contact you on your own profile.
  • No Kik Groups in general conversation board..there will be a sticky for those, post it there
  • All Events that charge an entrance fee must be posted in appropriate sticky
  • Nothing that violates Fetlife TOS rules will be allowed. If Fetlife contacts mods here about your posting, you may be banned.
  • If you are unclear about any of the rules, then contact the group owner.
    Do not block the group owner or any mods
  • Those that Block the group owner or mods may be banned from the group without notice
  • Group owner reserves the right to edit or change rules at any time.
  • Play Nice !

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