Minnesota GLBTQ Kinksters Fetlife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Minnesota, USA
Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/groups/11058

This group provides a specific place to connect with other Minnesota gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, etc. members on FetLife. It is particularly needed because searching by orientation is not available. And the information listed next to thumbnails in groups, fetishes, and friends lists, does not give orientation. (I suggested that but it did not get much response.)

Personally, I am interested in meeting other men who identify as gay, bisexual, queer, pansexual, fluctuating/evolving, homoflexible and heteroflexible! It is a real pain, especially back when I was on a slow connection, to have to search through endless straight profiles, in order to find the limited number who identify in these ways.

Here you can meet others like yourself, who are into the same things you are, and who live either near you or elsewhere in the state. This is a _social networking_ site, and in my mind that includes looking for compatible dates, play partners (fuckbuddies, why not?), possible longterm relationships, mentors/teachers/trainers, people who attend events you are interested in, and who know about and discuss all the things that get talked about on this great, welcoming, but predominantly hetero site. (That was a long run-on sentence, but there are a lot of options here!)

By all means, make initial connections here, but then take specific negotiations for meeting, etc., private, please, so that they do not take over whole thread topics. Straying a bit in threads can be fun but eventually we should get the conversations back on topic.

There is an Introductions sticky, at the top of the page, where ideally everyone who joins will say something about him/hir/herself. There is also a Personals sticky. If you want to start a more specific thread about your location, your fetishes, what you are looking for, or anything at all that is vaguely related, that is fine too.

Oh, by the way, I am happy to get Friend Requests from members here!

Party on! (and my usual WHAP!)

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