Hudson County Kinksters Fetlife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Hudson County, NJ, USA

This is a group focused on the Hudson County, NJ Kinksters, and local neighbors as well. If you live in Hudson County or nearby, and would like to see some local community develop, this is the group for you! Back when this group was started, there didnt seem to be very many groups dedicated to the needs of our area, but since then the community has begun to explode and there’s all sorts of groups focusing on all sorts of things locally! This is, and we are working on furthering our mission as stated below:

We hope to start discussion relevant to local kinksters, and hopefully some friendships in the process. Those of us who live on the Jersey side of the Hudson know that we are all just as conveniently connected to one another as well as NYC by public transportation, and therefore it would be great if we were able to get some like-minded kinksters to be able to suggest things like good places to meet for a happy hour, or a brunch, a munch, classes, practice labs, play space, or a central meeting point before going to some event in the city or elsewhere. What else this group might be capable of doing hasn´t even been thought of yet but if we really get rolling then who knows what we might develop into.

Updated list of cities this group would most accurately apply to (this trick helps the group get posted in the “relevant groups” part of any city listed on FL, we’re clever like that)

The cities of Hudson County!

Jersey City
Union City
West New York

And shit anyone from anywhere else who wants to trek this way! Especially our neighbors in:

Bergen County! Nearby cities include


Essex County! Nearby cities include

East Orange

Passaic County! Nearby cities include


Union County! Nearby cities include


And theres one more place, kinda big, nearby… New York City? Is that what its called? Its on the Hudson I know that…


Don’t be a douchebag, or a dick, an asshole, a piece of shit, an SOB, inappropriate or piss people off. Thank you.

Also, while we do want everyone to get along and have a good time and make new friends, don’t join this group intending to badger people to the point that maybe they start leaving, or that it gets a rep for being a troll cave. Thank you, again.

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