Connecticut subs and slaves FetLife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Connecticut, USA

This group is intended to be a discussion group for submissives and slaves local to the Connecticut area, and is NOT a group for personals. There are many other groups already designed for personals in the area or the surrounding areas.

Subs and slaves outside of CT are welcome to join in discussions but we prefer that you have some connection to the members here (or some connection to the CT area) because it is also our intent to hold informal subbie munches at some point in the future and we would like all group members to have the opportunity to attend them.

Dominants are welcome to join in on discussions as well, as they can often give us valuable insight from an opposite perspective. Doms who join only to post a personal ad to look for a sub will have their post removed and also be removed from the group. If they continue to do this, they will be banned.

Our primary focus is on giving we CT subs and slaves a safe and judgement free place to explore ourselves among the comfort of our kin.


All members of this group are to be courteous to other members. Inflammatory threads and comments are not allowed and will be removed by moderators and a warning issued to its poster.

Harassment will also not be tolerated in any form. Any members of this group caught spamming other members will be removed.

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