Central Arkansas Kinksters FetLife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Little Rock, AR, USA
Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/groups/21500

“Central Arkansas Kinksters” is SMACK in the middle of Arkansas for people within 100 miles of Little Rock.

The mission of this group is to create a safe, sane and, positive environment for adults to build a support group for likeminded kinksters. We welcome all adults, regardless of orientation or experience level.

We especially invite those who are new to the kink lifestyle who would like to explore these issues. Everyone has questions in mind when first trying to understand these strange urges and even stranger folks! … LoL

Our group is here to provide a safe and friendly environment where likeminded members between 21and 101 and all experience levels are welcome to come explore and play.


  1. Minimum age of 21.
  2. This IS NOT a dating service, a hook up site or a site to post personal ads or solicitations. There are other groups on Fetlife to accommodate those type postings.
  3. No Disrespect, Harassment or Rude Behavior will be directed at ANY other member or members. Violations of this policy will result in removal of the post and 1 warning. The second offense will result in being removed and banned from the group.
  4. No alcoholic beverages or mind altering substances allowed during play parties, demos, seminars or any group activities.
  5. ** NO SPAM **. Advertising severely limited to used or hand made BDSM articles or attire sold by members to other members of the group. Items posted for sale on other fetlife group sites or other websites are forbidden. We are not a commercial group and commercial advertising is banned.

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1 thought on “Central Arkansas Kinksters FetLife group”

  1. Marcus Aubrey Todd

    Hello, and good day, To whomever, is answering the E-mails.

    My loving partner TOUME and myself (Billy Goat Bear) are doing a road trip to Texas and returning via Little Rock, Ar to Georgia. We are current members of 1763 dungeon in Ga. We are wondering if we can come in and see/play in your dungeon as guests while in Little Rock Ar.
    we look forward to your response,

    thank you.

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