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Sex coach LF… Well, technically, I’m more of a BDSM coach. A sex coach implies I’m a therapist and I don’t want any miscommunication. I’m not a licensed therapist. I’m just somebody who has lived this lifestyle for well over a decade. I found myself accidentally eased into teaching the lifestyle to others. I have not taught in a few years and I find I miss the experience. Please keep in mind that much of the following is semantics. BDSM can mean many things to many people. I teach it as a triumvirate of coupled words. BD, DS, SM. Bondage/Discipline. Dominance/Submission (Ds or D/s). Sadist/Masochist. Slave/Master and Sadomasochist are just a couple of other valid interpretations. My primary experience has been in the D/s lifestyle. I’ve introduced over 200+ women and couples to the lifestyle. And because the variety of need between so many different people, I’ve had to have experience in all aspects of the BDSM life. I’ve just finished teaching a woman the ins and outs of living a submissive lifestyle and I’m looking to keep teaching. Because of time restraints I’ll only be taking on 2-3 clients depending on independent need. Much of the learning curve involves sex and/or sexual contact. So, of course, I will NOT be charging anything for my time. I have no need to be arrested for being a male prostitute. However, you will be responsible for purchasing all materials and equipment and any cost involved during training. When you contact me make sure to list exactly what you want to learn. Along with the times you will be available for learning. Make sure the email you contact me with is attached to your phone as I will expect a timely reply to any messages I send. I’ll send my phone number the first time I reply to you so you can verify I’m real. I will expect the same in return. About me personally. First, I’m married. And yes my wife will know about you. I understand most women who get involved in this lifestyle wish to keep these matters private. I will keep every confidence you give me. However, I will not lie to my wife. One of the first sexual experiences of my life was as a Dom, while I was still a teenager. So it’s very much a part of my personality. That does not mean I cannot teach both sides of the life. It just means I will NOT be your sub or your switch. However, if need be, we’ll find you one to use while you learn. I’m Mexican/Caucasian so I’m darker skinned. 5’11’ 195 pounds. Generally average to fit build. Black hair dark brown eyes. I’m heterosexual, so if you are a part of a couple, you must keep that in mind. If that’s the case, as a couple, your interactions with me could possibly be limited. For instance I will not bull you two in the traditional sense. Nor will I sissy your guy as there will be no sexual contact between he and I. Please list any and all initial questions you may have in your first email to me. I have very little tolerance for asinine people and wasting time. So we’ll not be having and endless back and forth before meeting. I’ll only put up with a few emails and calls between us before we meet. After you contact me and we both verified we’re real via phone, I’ll send you my photo. I’m not interested in this for just random sex. If that were the case, I’m attractive and confident enough to pick up women at the bar. I’m in this for the lifestyle and I very much enjoy teaching it to others. If you do wish to learn, contact me soon as I will ONLY be taking on the first couple of women that interest me. I’ll be hearing from you.

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