Kentucky Ageplay Fetlife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Kentucky, USA

This group is for all of those in the local kink community (Louisville, Lexington,Southern Indiana,etc) who are into or interested in age play. Not just for the littles, all roles and dynamics are welcome in the group and at our munch! The Kentucky Age Play munch meets on the third month of every month. More information can be found in the event listing post in the group, or through the monthly posts for the munch.

This munch was created to give those of us in the age play community the chance to get together and discuss things that pertain to this particular aspect of the lifestyle that perhaps would not make such great discussion topics at one like Louisville Munch or Early Bloomers (though those munches are awesome and you should check them out!). Also, like non-topic specific munches elsewhere, it is meant as a safe, somewhat vanilla event for people to meet for the first time at. Since age play does tend to be more private than other aspects of the kink world, I figured an age play munch would be a good place for those in to this to meet like-minded folks. It is also intended as a chance for people who are curious or just starting to learn and feel free to ask questions.


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