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Address: Connecticut, USA

I thought it would be nice if there was a place where people in CT can search for others in the state for relationships, play, ownership — whatever you are seeking BDSM-wise, whether it be a Dominant or a submissive, a date for a munch, or anything in between. This should be for REAL TIME meetings — not cybersex, not email, phone or video chats. The founder would like this board to be for Connecticut residents only. Sorry out-of-state members but you will be deleted. This board is for people seeking local and REAL TIME meetings in the Constitution State.

Since Connecticut is a large state, please identify your location as well as other pertinent information. The more you tell readers about yourself, the more chance you have of meeting someone. Please be respectful with your queries.

UPDATE AS OF DEC. 22, 2015: Due to an increase in the number of “personals” ads that are actually business transactions, business-related ads will no longer be allowed. This means ads by people offering services for a fee will no longer be allowed. Ads by people who are trying to increase patronage of businesses will also not be allowed. For example, posts by strippers or dancers trying to drum up business for their places of employment are no longer permitted.

Posts by people who are advertising munches, parties (private or public), BBQs, and outings (trip clubs, for example) continue to be OK.


All posts or members not from CT will be deleted. We clean house frequently.

Thanks and good luck!


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