Tucson Fet Nights FetLife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Tucson, AZ, USA
Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/groups/8191

This is a group for those of the younger generation out there in Tucson and the surrounding areas. For those of you who are experienced in such things or those who have always had the misleading that the kink scene only involved older folks, or those who are new to the kink scene all together. All alternative lifestyles are welcome, no ones kink is better or worse then another. We are a friendly and open group always willing to answer any questions and be helpful in (almost) any way possible. Of course common courtesy and respect are expected, as well as discretion. There a lot of us of the younger generation and this is a safe place for us to discuss, meet up, and explore the kinkier side to life.


The way this group is ran: We are a totalitarian dictatorship. As in it is ran by Daseth and Miss_Ephemeral. We do not have a council. We are not a mob group. Everyone does not have a say in the way things are ran. We do listen to peoples suggestions, take them into consideration and decide whether we wish to use them. If we do not, then we don’t. If we decide to, then we will. It is pretty simple.

So any suggestions, complaints, concerns, or questions can be brought up to Daseth or Miss_Ephemeral in private messages, not posted on the forums.

Age Rule: This group is for all those 35 years old and younger.

The exception to this rule is as followed:
*You have a bottom/sub/slave who wishes to be a part of this group and is under 35.
*You have a Top/Dom/Master who is a part of this group, if allowed you are welcome as well.
*You have a special invitation from one of the leaders of the group.

More Rules!

There is also a zero tolerance for drama. If you have issues with someone. Confront them outside the group. If you are scared to confront them, then contact one of the leaders with your issue and we can see what can be done.

This also applies for any who feel there comfort has been violated or pushed to far.

This also applies at parties, where if any drama or issues come up, both parties will be asked to leave. We will not play favorites or listen to a “Well they started it.” “No, they started it.”. All we request is that you be courteous to each other. You do not have to talk to them, you do not have to act like there friends.

As well as if there is a large enough group of people all have issues with one person, then we require that it be brought to us. So we can either talk to the person and inform them of why they are bothering other people, or simply ask them to leave the group.

This club is for the safe, sane (you know what we mean) and consensual.

Private Party Rules

Most of the parties we have are house parties and we normally do them potluck style which also involves B.Y.O.B.. Though remember you are accountable for your own actions, if you start up with an attitude or get to stupid then you will not be allowed back at a house party.

And since they are house parties. It is mandatory that you show up to the Coffee Meets/Friday Night Meets to get to know the fellow TFN kinksters as no one likes complete strangers showing up to there house.

Also no active firearms, if you wish to bring a real gun, it must be agreed upon by one of the leaders and checked at the door by one of the leaders or the owner of the house.

Remember people it is mostly common sense, which I do believe you have, so please use it to its full extent.

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