Kink 101 Phoenix Arizona FetLife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Phoenix, AZ, USA

Welcome to our little corner of FetLife!!

We started a few years ago offering Kink101 Peer Workshops(sm), designed to allow attendees to share their knowledge and enjoyment of various kink and fetish practices. We have never felt that basic kink and safety information, from relationship assessment to the best way to sharpen those knives, should be hidden behind a “pay-for-play” membership, knowledge shouldn’t cost anything to obtain.

We love sharing our knowledge, and learning from everyone we meet.

This group is designed to be all about that, learning and sharing, it is possible, even in this online environment.

Because this is the innerwebs, living in Arizona is not really necessary to participate in the forums here, but in order to attend a real live workshop, ya gotta be here, so this may not be the group for you.

Please feel free to discuss any topic that might come to mind, share your experience or ask questions, the only topics not fair game are anything involving actual children (although your own childhood experiences are welcome, and age play discussions are more than welcome)and those covered by FetLife’s TOS. Please be polite, some discussions can become quite heated, as long as we keep on topic and personal attacks do not enter into the conversation, we will all get along fine 🙂



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