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Chandler Playdates FetLife group

Chandler Playdates FetLife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Chandler, AZ, USA
Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/groups/73950


For people in Chandler, Ocotillo, San Tan, Queen Creek and Ahwatukee to set up play dates with each other. Please be serious about playing and provide a location, time you want to play, what you are looking for (M, F, Cpl, etc.) and the best way to contact you. Finally a group where we all know up front that we want to play and a place to make it known without the song and dance or shame behind it. We all like to play now we can do it much easier. Have fun. Pay to play adds are not welcome. We are a free play group. We welcome all just keep the pay to play out of the group. Thanks.


  1. play at your own risk.
  2. now post if you need a place to play or if you have one in mind.
  3. enjoy yourself.
  4. Posts older than 3 months will be deleted unless poster gives an end date .

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  • Facebook and Instagram of alternative sex. There is no place for many popular and successful social networks because if you use one or two – you will not use others, because you don’t have time and because you can already find all people at networks you use. So at the place which we will discover to you, you will find the most of various perverts in your location and in locations you plan to visit. That place is in the top 3000 most visited websites of the world and has the biggest user base among fetish and BDSM people
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  • Number 1 non-vanilla dating app for BDSM/fetish sex - the Tinder+Bumble+OkCupid+Badoo, all in the same place, but full of naked photos of bodies, dicks and vaginas of members who want only one thing: no string attached perverted sex with you!
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  • We are a daytime group that have our munches and activities during the day. This group is for those of us that would rather not or cannot attend evening munches or evening activities. Come join us and make some new friends!! As of now, we meet twice a month. Once a month for a Munch, which is usually on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. We also have an activity planned for the last or 4th Friday of every month, usually, in the form of an adult play party. Weeks that contain holidays may make it necessary to move the schedule around some. We will keep everyone updated on upcoming meetings and events. We look forward to meeting you all!!…
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  • This is a group for for anyone who is into anal sex, anal plugging, enemas, gaping, fisting as well as well as the plethora of other anal fetishes that are out there, not so much scat though. Its for people in AZ who want it, love it, need it. Talk about anything anally here, i know there are some other groups but this is is specifically for anal in az! Feel free to post a personal here, no spamming please, if you want it, need it, can’t live without it, this is the place to post. I would like everyone to follow a simple rule, state what your looking for in the title. thats it.
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  • A place for BBW lovers and BBWs to convene! Rules: No haters of BBWs. No fat bashing. Keep your rants to a minimum (crazy is tolerated in small doses) No trolling. Trolls are only meant for living under bridges. INTOLERANCE IS NOT PERMITTED! BBWS OF ALL ETHNICITIES AND RACES WILL NOT BE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST HERE,NO EXCEPTIONS
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  • Sort of like a craigslist for the kink community in Arizona. This is where you can look for and/or advertise any of the following: Couples (M/F, M/M, F/F) looking for another F or M Selling BDSM items (ex: floggers, clothing, toys) Babysitting services so that others could enjoy a night of fun Making of clothing or BDSM items for selling Household items Services (kink friendly house cleaning, carpentry, real estate services, etc.) absolutely no solicitation for sexual services of any kind **Pro Domme services are fine as long as it does not violate the $ for sexual service rule All sorts of other stuff we probably can’t think of: just send a quick email if you have a question or…
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  • A place for gamers in Arizona. PC or console, pen-and-paper or MMO, miniatures or “Munchkin,” it’s all good. This is intended as a place for folks to discuss their gaming habit and connect with other gamers looking for LAN parties or game groups. This shouldn’t be construed as a personals site, but if game geeks find kinky love through here, cool. Rules: The ground rules for the group. As long as we all play nice, we should all get along. Basic courtesy must be observed at all times. Save the “pwn u all, biznatches!” stuff for the CTF maps. Keep the platform flame wars out. While I like a good intelligent debate as much as the next guy, this isn’t…
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  • Interested In Receiving A Gang Bang? Have You Been Banged And Wish To Talk About It? Have Experience In Gangbanging? Want Gangbang Advice? Need Help Setting Up Your First Gangbang? Planning A Gang Bang? Discuss Thoughts, Gangbang Experiences, If you have a party you want to announce do it here. Please put your location in the subject line. Rules: disrespectful comments will be tolerated in this group…. in other words, BE POLITE!!! Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
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  • Come all to Arizona’s girls of leather. We find joy in serving others and invite you to join us and learn more about the lifestyle. Celebrate with us and be with us on a journey as Leather girls.
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  • I have been interested in Glory Holes for some time now, but it is hard to find a decent, organized listing. So, I decided to make a group for each state. Open to all, but please only list holes that reside in this state, as there will be a group for every state. Try to list addresses if known, for those who may not be familiar with certain cities. Also, please list if said hole is serviced by males, females, or both, and what days are good to frequent them. Rules: Just be good to one another. I don’t actively monitor all of my groups, so if anyone notices a problem please send me a direct message. Please, do not…
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  • A Forum for Hotwives, cucks and Bulls of Arizona to meet and share experiences with. Rules: No blank profile pictures, profile pictures of genitalia, or profile pictures with memes or cartoon characters, or objects. Face or other identification not required. Couples profiles must have a picture of each person No blank profiles. Must have at least 2-3 paragraphs in your “about me” section No personal info given in the ads No posting without your partners consent No “unicorn” hunting No trolling To attend parties hosted by the group, you must be vetted and background verified Mods can delete your ad and remove you for any reason at any time.
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  • This group is for everyone in Arizona who loves HUMILIATION in all its beautiful forms. Welcome all Tops and bottoms, in whatever archetype you consider yourself. Humiliation may include: Small penis humiliation, cross dressing, strap-on play, diaper play, Sissification, feminization, queening, forced gay, forced bi, cuckolding, humiliation photography and video, blackmail, simulated, bondage, private and public humiliation, interracial sex, cock measuring, size-based sexual privileges, female dominance, male dominance, gay male dominance on str8 guys, complete sexual surrender, complete sexual control, objectification, use as a sex object, forced anal, anal training, anal stretching, enemas, restricted clothing, forced nudity, verbal humiliation, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!  
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  • This is a group for kink friendly Big Beautiful Women (BBW) & Big Handsome Men (BHM) and their admirers who live in Arizona. Hopefully at some point we can get a munch or coffee together or some other events so we can meet up! Rules: Members MUST live in Arizona and must be a BBW or BHM or their admirers. Anyone who doesn’t live in Arizona and joins will be removed from the group. Members who are not active on the FetLife site for over a month will be removed from the group to keep it updated. If you have been removed for that reason, you are welcome to rejoin at any time.
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  • This is a place for people in Arizona and the people who love them to come together and visit, announce local events, post topics, and generally just get to know each other. Come one, come all. The door is open . . . If you have an event occurring in Arizona, feel free to post about it ONCE. No spamming over and over about the same event. If you have created a specialty group that is Arizona specific, feel free to post a notice here. Again, ONCE. If you want to post a notice that you aren’t sure about, please request permission directly from South, or roped, and then be sure to post that you received permission from one of us so…
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  • This group is for posting parties, gatherings and other social events in the state of Arizona. We will have a definite slant toward the Phoenix area; however, any parties within Arizona are allowed. Rules: If you wish to post a party or social event, you can feel free to post away! POSTS SPREADING MISINFORMATION ABOUT COVID-19 WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY TAKEN DOWN AND THE POSTER BANNED FROM THIS GROUP. SCIENCE OVER ONE’S BULLSHIT VIEWS. NO POLITICS NO RELIGION NO ANIMALS NO CHILDREN. 18- CONSTITUTES AS A CHILD. Please do not post derogatory comments, no flaming. Everyone is entitled to comment on the group posts, just keep in mind that if a post gets out of hand, i.e. people begin to fling the mud,…
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  • This group is meant to serve as a personal ad group for anyone located in Arizona. A lot of other local Arizona groups don’t allow you to post personals this is the place to do it. Rules: No ads of a commercial nature. No Fuck Or Pass. No rants. “Professionals” may place lifestyle ads only. If you wish to advertise your group that is in Arizona, please post in the “Links to Other Arizona Groups” sticky. If you are looking for a “hook up” (today, now, this weekend, etc.), please use the the “Hookups” sticky. One post per user per month. Posts will be removed after 3 months. No posts that violate FetLife ToU. No posts of an illegal nature.…
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  • An organization that gives its members social opportunities, education and support. We are a BDSM family that believes in upholding responsibility and integrity. Come socialize with like minded individuals in a dignified environment.
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  • APEX is a private, 501(c)7 membership club entirely operated by the membership of APEX.  As a volunteer organization, 100% of our proceeds go right back into the club, and every part of our structure is transparent to our membership. Our club culture is about getting out what you put in, and most people find a way to volunteer that they enjoy. APEX Members are a diverse collection of people from all walks of life, orientations, nationalities, genders, ages, and lifestyle choices.  The magic of APEX is that there is no “mold” you must adhere to in order to join.  We all follow the same rules, and we all support other members in their choices. At any given time there are…
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  • Welcome to our little group. This group is devoted to the human-dog, and those that love them. This is a place for pups, handlers and people curious about pup play in Arizona, and those who want to stay abreast of what we’re doing in Arizona. We are a group in the based primarily in the Phoenix area, and expanding to the rest of the state, that has been created to educate people about what pup play is as well as have a family of friends where they can be comfortable about this fun type of play. If the location on your Facebook Profile is not in Arizona, you will be denied entry to the Facebook group, unless you explain your…
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  • For Arizona subs slaves and human pets who wish to find a master close to them and as well meet other like minded slaves and masters. This group is meant to be a slave market where Masters and Mistresses can find slaves, or where unowned slaves can put themselves up on the slave block to find Masters or Mistresses. Also, owned slaves who are being released by their Masters or Mistresses can put themselves up on the slave block to find new owners, but only with the permission of their present owners. It is also to be understood that slavery is illegal, and this slave market is operating within the context and forum of a bdsm/fetish community where everything is…
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  • A place to chat, vent and learn from the people that are right in your own community. Please enter with an open mind and heart. Bashing will not be tolerated. Restricted to: submissives, slaves and bottoms that live in Arizona. If you are a switch please make sure you have your sub hat on when posting. (NO PERSONAL ADS) Rules: NO POSTING OF PERSONAL ADS by Dominants, Tops, switches, submissives, slaves, etc. Posting of community or nilla events and functions is okay. No bashing. Find a way to express your difference of opinion without demeaning or attacking the other people in the forum. To quote Mom, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”
  • United States of America (USA) > Arizona (AZ)
  • This Arizona group caters to the Daddy Dom/daughter fetish… Daddy/Doms looking for a daughter, and daughters looking for their Daddy Doms. Daddy/Dom & son… Mommy/daughter & Mommy/son is also Welcome in this Group… Rules: No specific rules except that spam will be deleted, and posting something that I feel is disrespectful/insulting. This is a group to help us find what we’re looking for, by placing an add, or responding to another’s add. If by chance you meet someone, use some common sense, and play with safety in mind. Meeting in a public place is a safer way to meet initially. Never engage in bondage with someone you haven’t known long enough to trust. If you have a suggestion for me…
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  • Desert Dominion is a Southern Arizona alternative lifestyle organization based in Tucson and welcomes everyone regardless of orientation, age (18+), kink (legal activities involving consenting adults), race, creed, religion, etc. We would like to invite those who are in alternative lifestyles, new to the scene, or just curious about alternative lifestyles to come to our events, meet us, socialize with us, and learn with us. We exist to support, educate, and socialize with one another in a safe and consensual space. Our members possess a variety of years of experience, of education in related lifestyle activities, and have widely diverse interests. We have a number of monthly events including educational seminars, hands on training groups, socials, munches, discussion groups, etc……
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  • Group for kinksters in the east valley area, including but not limited to: Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Gilbert, and Chandler. Oh, what the heck, feel free to join if you live in Arizona, too. Rules: No flaming or trolling. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. If you are caught trolling, the group owner or moderator will immediatley delete it. Repeat offenders will be banned from the group. All types of kinks ( unless in violation of fetlife’s TOU) are welcome. Feel free to post meetings, munches, activities or play parties under the sticky marked as such. If there is such a post under the main threads, it will be deleted. Please introduce yourself under the “Introduce…
  • United States of America (USA) > Arizona (AZ)
  • This group is open to those in the East Valley of Maricopa County Arizona who are looking for new relationships. Cities in the east include Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Ahwatukee and Foothills So if your looking for love, play, or a hook up in the east valley please feel free to post it here. Rules: Please make any posts in this group articulate and clear. Please be courteous and respectful when posting. Please do not attack anyone for what they are looking for
  • Arizona (AZ) > Flagstaff city
  • In North AZ there are not a lot of people like in them big cities. It is much harder to meet people as such. Yet I know for a fact there are some very great people up here and I made this group because there was not a group to post you personal ads for North AZ. North Arizona is places like Page, Flagstaff, Sedona, Jerome, Prescott, Kingman, Bullhead City, Pine, Winslow, Snowflake, Grand Canyon, Williams. Rules: A place for people of Northern Arizona to post their personals. Post events that are in Northern Arizona too if you want. Nothing that is abusive, deceptive, or violates the site ToS (e.g. it is a solicitation for paid sex services) and the…
  • Arizona (AZ) > Tucson city
  • This is for anyone in Tucson who want to get to know each other better and to also get in touch with ones (or many ones,,lol) who want to meet up for some naughty fun. Be it romance, poly, kink or booty calls.. you name it, this is the place to meet up and talk for Tucson. Gives us in Tucson a place to find others like us instead of accidentally doing so. Rules: be polite to everyone. If you are on here to meet up with people or put up posts to meet people, we really want the profiles to have something on there.. be it cropped photos for privacy or something and also something in you about me…
  • Arizona (AZ) > Scottsdale city
  • Horns & Halos welcomes you to participate in making the fetish community in Arizona awesome! The last few years were just a warmup for what’s coming up! We continue to put Arizona on the map as a world-class kink & fetish market. As you read this, we are constantly assembling fashion show lineups, belly dancing troupes, fire dancers, unique fetish demos, suspension artists, DJ’s, bands and vendors from all over Arizona and throughout the world! We are bringing the hottest people and personalities to keep the party thumpin’ & bumpin’ all night long! Our goals are to create, stimulate and evolve the Phoenix and Arizona fetish and kink communities through world class fetish/adult oriented events. We have an amazing team…
  • Arizona (AZ) > Phoenix city
  • Welcome to our little corner of FetLife!! We started a few years ago offering Kink101 Peer Workshops(sm), designed to allow attendees to share their knowledge and enjoyment of various kink and fetish practices. We have never felt that basic kink and safety information, from relationship assessment to the best way to sharpen those knives, should be hidden behind a “pay-for-play” membership, knowledge shouldn’t cost anything to obtain. We love sharing our knowledge, and learning from everyone we meet. This group is designed to be all about that, learning and sharing, it is possible, even in this online environment. Because this is the innerwebs, living in Arizona is not really necessary to participate in the forums here, but in order to…
  • United States of America (USA) > Arizona (AZ)
  • A haven for geeky kinksters / kinky geeks living in Arizona to connect, socialize, have a few laughs and to meet up for events, munches, cons and parties. Back in the Stone Age (the era of black & white tv, mainframes, pulp novels and cons that were held in a single room), the outside world firmly believed that geeks had little to no sexuality. They believed we were sexless beings living in our parents’ basements. Then along came the Internets and we were exposed for the pervs we were… 😀 What started as a whisper grew louder and is now a roar. Geek is a culture, with a history and a language rich in metaphor – and that translates into…
  • United States of America (USA) > Arizona (AZ)
  • For those people in Arizona who love both Swinging and BDSM. Post parties and events as well as discussions about combining the lifestyles. Keywords: BDSM, Swingers, Swinging, Swing, Az, Arizona, Phoenix Rules: All ads must go in the personals thread. Main discussion area is for events and topics of discussion. If you are advertising with a partner, they need to be on your profile or linked to it. No duplicate posting within 30 days. No blank profiles pictures, profile pictures of genitalia, or profile pictures of memes or cartoon characters, or objects. No blank profiles. Must have at least 2-3 paragraphs in your “about me” section. No personal info should be given in the ads No unicorn hunting No pnp…
  • Arizona (AZ) > Phoenix city
  • This group is for the Urban Villages of Paradise Valley, North Mountain, Deer Valley, Desert View, Happy Valley and anywhere far and in between! (Including outside of Arizona) Everyone is welcome regardless if you live in the North Valley or not. Rules: We will not send out any intentions to delete those who post against any of these rules, but we will close a thread if it breaks any of these rules. General: Be respectful of other members. You may disagree with what is said, but no flaming or harassment will be tolerated. Original Posts: If you delete or change the context of your opening post after responses have been posted, you may be banned from the group, without notice. You may…
  • United States of America (USA) > Arizona (AZ)
  • The name says it all. This group is for men and women who are looking for someone in Arizona for some NSA (no strings attached) fun. If you identify as another gender, you’re welcome to join. Gay, straight, bi….all are welcome. Rules: Basic troll rules…be kind to each other and don’t be a forum troll
  • Arizona (AZ) > Phoenix city
  • The O/owners and moderators of PALS welcome Y/you to our little corner of FetLife!!! Phoenix Area Lifestyle Society is designed to be a meeting place for the Community to gather at a parties for friendship and recreation. So bring your crops,whips,floggers and chains for we encourage play but not a requirement to participate. Please feel free to discuss any topic that might come to mind, share your experience or ask questions, the only topics not fair game are anything involving children (although your own childhood experiences are welcome, and age play discussions are more than welcome) animals and those covered by FetLife’s TOS. Contact moderators to post first. We were not the place to post your money making parties. We…
  • Arizona (AZ) > Phoenix city
  • This is a Group for people who just want to have fun with other people. We are not a one night stand shopping center!! If that is what you are looking for, there are classified add groups. Please keep it respectful however, or will be first warned, then banned from the group. if anyone has any complaints please contact the group moderator. Anyone is allowed to start a discussion or game. Rules: The Absolutely Most Important Rule: Never Touch Anyone At An Event Or Function Without First Receiving Permission From Them Or Their Dom/me, Master, Daddy, Mother ETC…. Keep respectful. Keep within Fetlife terms of use. Keep acceptable. Be tolerant of others as well as respectful of their specific kinks.…
  • Arizona (AZ) > Phoenix city
  • A place for Phoenix area Big Beautiful Women and their fans to meet and mingle, and hopefully develop into whatever kind of relationship they’re looking for. Rules: Just be respectful.
  • Arizona (AZ) > Phoenix city
  • Welcome! We are a group of kinksters in Phoenix, Arizona who define themselves as “boys”, founded in 2002. We exist to help that boy in you to come out, to flourish, to serve, and to find a safe haven for expression and exploration. In celebration of the essential “boy” spirit, the Phoenix Boys of Leather exists to serve, support, and enrich the Leather community.  We gather in boyhood and brotherhood to support our members and to serve our community with respect and integrity, without regard to gender, orientation, or appearance. Become a Member If you self-identify as a boy and are interested in joining the Phoenix boys of Leather, let one of us know! We have a two-fold purpose – to participate…
  • Arizona (AZ) > Phoenix city
  • We would like to find other cuckolds in the Phoenix area and the bulls to services them. Have some parties and events. Who else is interested?  
  • United States of America (USA) > Arizona (AZ)
  • This group is dedicated to exploring the poly lifestyle in Arizona and meeting those who are actively participating in or seeking a poly relationship. Feel free to discuss pertinent topics. Please keep personal ads to the designated topic. Rules: Be kind to each other. Sock accounts are not allowed. If you have a topic you’d like to discuss but want to do it anonymously please pm a group leader.
  • Arizona (AZ) > Tucson city
  • Pan-sexual,fetish/bdsm group in Tucson. All irrespective of sexual orientation are welcome as long as they are over 18 years old. Fun adult events and more!
  • Arizona (AZ) > Phoenix city
  • Phoenix Groups at Play (The GAP) is a Phoenix-based kink group that prides itself on being open and available to all members of the kink community. Our membership base spans most of the Valley (and beyond) including Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Buckeye, Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Laveen, Queen Creek, Peoria, and anywhere in between. So basically, if you’re within driving distance, and you’d like to come out for a cup of coffee some Tuesday evening, we’d love to have you! Our coffees happen every Tuesday at 7:30 pm, at Hob Nobs Cafe on 3rd Avenue and McDowell near downtown Phoenix. Please note that this coffee includes very adult topics of kink and sexuality. Although we have no official position on children at…
  • United States of America (USA) > Arizona (AZ)
  • This group is for people that enjoy threesomes. It doesn’t matter what gender or sexual orientation you are = ) This Group can lead to more fun things for people that are looking to connect with others. You can Chat about experiences you have had or even ones you want to try and may never know what can happen = ) this is for all people in arizona, so dont be shy and succumb to the Fun!!! Rules: Need to be in Arizona (obvious because of name) No Advertising ( like other sites and nonsense) No arguing with one another Safe sex always please. STD tests are nice and preferred with a lot of people. Respect other peoples boundaries. No…
  • Arizona (AZ) > Gilbert town
  • A modern venue for the fetish and kink in Arizona. We are not only a social group but also an educational one. Come explore your fetish in a safe environment. We also arrange play parties, munches, trips and more.
  • Arizona (AZ) > Tucson city
  • This is a group for those of the younger generation out there in Tucson and the surrounding areas. For those of you who are experienced in such things or those who have always had the misleading that the kink scene only involved older folks, or those who are new to the kink scene all together. All alternative lifestyles are welcome, no ones kink is better or worse then another. We are a friendly and open group always willing to answer any questions and be helpful in (almost) any way possible. Of course common courtesy and respect are expected, as well as discretion. There a lot of us of the younger generation and this is a safe place for us to…
  • Arizona (AZ) > Tucson city
  • This group is for people who are looking to buy, sell, barter, trade, rent, or find items in or near Tucson, Arizona. Rules: Searching for lodging Searching for rommmate Items for sale Items wanted Advertise your yard sale Advertise events where your items will be sold Help Wanted Personal ads (no flaming or belitting!) Some ads not permitted per Fetlife TOU: “Buy or sell guns” “Personally attack, make fun of, troll, flame, bully, stalk or otherwise harass another member.” “Make criminal accusations against another member in a public forum. We reserve the right to ban, with or without notice, members that violate any of the group’s rules. Happy hunting!
  • Arizona (AZ) > Phoenix city
  • This is a networking group NOT A GROUP TO FIND A DATE. This group is intended for people with professional careers living in Phoenix, Arizona (or the surrounding cities) who are vanilla on the outside, yet kinky on the inside. We’re not into dressing in fetish clothing or leather in public settings. We’re more traditional (aka vanilla) in appearance, but we’re kinky as heck on the inside. Any Phoenix area professional who’s vanilla on the outside but kinky on the inside is welcome here. The goal will be to have online discussions, network with each other, create social events where we can hang out together, and ultimately to make friendships with like-minded people. Group consensus will decide what types of…
  • United States of America (USA) > Arizona (AZ)
  • A gathering place for kinky people to meet and socialize in the west valley of Phoenix, Arizona. We would like to hear from all the kinky folks in Glendale, Peoria, Youngtown, Surprise, El Mirage, Avondale, Sun City, Sun City west, Tolleson, Buckeye, Goodyear, and west areas of Phoenix. All are welcome even if not in the west valley, please be respectful and non-judgemental! Join the group and as the membership grows we will post dates, times and locations of the events!  
  • United States of America (USA) > Arizona (AZ)
  • A best place to start and continue your insanely active and at the same time safe alternative sexual life. It’s a way better to start it online and prepare for meetings in real life than do it at the bar or at the night club. Even BDSM dungeons and fetish conventions can be a great discouragement if you visit them without preparation. BTW most dungeons and local misstresses have their pages at the place we talk about.

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