North Phoenix/Paradise Valley Kinksters FetLife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Phoenix, AZ, USA

This group is for the Urban Villages of Paradise Valley, North Mountain, Deer Valley, Desert View, Happy Valley and anywhere far and in between! (Including outside of Arizona)

Everyone is welcome regardless if you live in the North Valley or not.


We will not send out any intentions to delete those who post against any of these rules, but we will close a thread if it breaks any of these rules.

  1. General:
    Be respectful of other members. You may disagree with what is said, but no flaming or harassment will be tolerated.
  2. Original Posts:
    If you delete or change the context of your opening post after responses have been posted, you may be banned from the group, without notice. You may NOT change the original post after others have responded to it! If you do this, the entire thread will be deleted. If you want to come back and clarify your OP without compromising the entire post, you may do so.
  3. Children & Minors:
    No questions or remarks about children. Children is described as anyone under 18 years of age. If you post about minors, your post will be deleted. Zero tolerance for this! If you just had a baby, share the news on Face Book or some other outlet. THIS board is NOT the place for it.
  4. Email/PM’s:
    No posting of any email contents. If someone sends you an email and you think it would be fun to share it – DON’T! This includes Private Messages sent from an outside source, such as yahoo or gmail chat.
  5. No “Outing”:
    You may not post personal information about another user here.
  6. Introductions:
    Please do not post an introduction, especially one that says “Hi, how is everyone doing? I am new.” Just join in a current thread, it really isn’t that hard to do. Use the “Introduction” page on the Stickies to introduce yourself.
  7. Personal Ads: If you would like to place a personal ad, please use the Personal Advertisement Thread to do so. Do not use the general discussion forum.
  8. Blocking Moderators:
    If you block an Owner or any moderator from contacting you, you will be removed from this group without notice. Members may not block the owner or moderators. Blocking a Moderator hinders/interferes with the ability to effectively manage the group by severing the ability to communicate freely with the forum members. No exceptions. Fetlife TOS
  9. Banned:
    If you have been removed from this group, you are given a second chance to come back and correct whatever infraction you did to get yourself removed. If the behavior continues, you will be banned from the group permanently.

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