PALS (Phoenix Area Lifestyle Society) FetLife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Phoenix, AZ, USA

The O/owners and moderators of PALS welcome Y/you to our little corner of FetLife!!!

Phoenix Area Lifestyle Society is designed to be a meeting place for the Community to gather at a parties for friendship and recreation. So bring your crops,whips,floggers and chains for we encourage play but not a requirement to participate.

Please feel free to discuss any topic that might come to mind, share your experience or ask questions, the only topics not fair game are anything involving children (although your own childhood experiences are welcome, and age play discussions are more than welcome) animals and those covered by FetLife’s TOS.

Contact moderators to post first. We were not the place to post your money making parties.
We do assist with find raisers from time to time and it’s negotiated.

Please be polite, some discussions can become quite heated, as long as we keep on topic and personal attacks do not enter into the conversation, we will all get along fine.


If the functon, party or event Y/you want to post is limited, going into your own pocket, personal gain (ie: Y/you must be a registered member), please DO NOT post it here. ASK one of the moderators if you are unsure about this one.

If a function Y/you want to post is a party or event open to the entire community, be it a fund raiser, or helping others in some way, it is allowed as long as you are respectful and are not spamming this list. The Sticky area is available for posting also.

• Other Ground rules

  1. No tolerance of bickering or personal attacks.
  2. Blocking of group leaders is not allowed.
  3. No spamming –no personal ads.
  4. Please leave your drama at home in your movie collection.

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