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Address: Arizona, USA

This group is meant to serve as a personal ad group for anyone located in Arizona. A lot of other local Arizona groups don’t allow you to post personals this is the place to do it.


  1. No ads of a commercial nature. No Fuck Or Pass. No rants. “Professionals” may place lifestyle ads only.
  2. If you wish to advertise your group that is in Arizona, please post in the “Links to Other Arizona Groups” sticky.
  3. If you are looking for a “hook up” (today, now, this weekend, etc.), please use the the “Hookups” sticky.
  4. One post per user per month.
  5. Posts will be removed after 3 months.
  6. No posts that violate FetLife ToU. No posts of an illegal nature.
  7. Do not include any contact info in ads (email, kik, phone numbers, etc.). All ads are to be responded to by FetLife PM.
  8. If you have a significant other on your profile, please state what if any involvement they will have in the personal ad.
  9. Ads placed by “blank” profiles (no profile pic of any kind, no about me section, belong to no groups, etc)? Use the hookup sticky or find another group all together.
  10. To add to rule 9, we are also requiring members have a profile that is at least two weeks old before placing any kind of ad in this group.
  11. Ads placed by users not located in Arizona will be deleted. This group is for locals seeking locals. If you’re not local, use the hookup sticky or find another group all together.
  12. All posts will be closed to comments unless otherwise specified. To reply to an ad, PM the OP directly. Comments left on posts will be deleted.
  13. If you find a post to be offensive or in violation of FetLife ToU, please contact a group leader before contacting the FetLife caretakers. Please send a group leader a link to the ad ASAP and we will try to do the right thing! If you then feel the that problem has still not solved, feel free to contact the Fetlife caretakers.
  14. Do not block group leaders. You will be banned.

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