What’s the policy on drugs, alcohol or having personal items?

No external alcohol may be brought into the event. ID must be shown at the event door.
All shows are 18+ to party, 21+ to drink. You must show your ID to receive a 21+ bracelet or will not be served at the bar. Consumption or distribution of drugs/narcotics will not be tolerated. Anyone caught using or distributing narcotics will be escorted out from the event and not permitted to any future Arizona Fetish Ball events EVER. Individuals who are obviously intoxicated or “altered” will not be allowed to enter the event. Energy drinks, water and other yummi’s will also be available for purchase at the event.

The following are not acceptable: external beverages, alcohol, drugs, weapons (guns, knives, tasers, pepper spray, etc). Backpacks or purses may be searched upon entry based on security needs. The Venue of Scottsdale reserves the right to ask you to remove certain parts of your outfit they may deam could cause damage to other guests. They may also ask you to conform to the dress code by covering up your genitalia or breasts. Sending us angry email’s after the event will not alter the Arizona Liquor Board minimum dress code so please cover your genitals, nipples and other bit & pieces.

What Is The Camera/Photo Policy? Do You Need Event Photographers?

All our event’s have a strict camera policy. While we used to have an open camera policy, we have realized that this has started to enable some people to take advantage of the camera policy, as well as make others feel uncomfortable. Due to this, we have changed our camera policies so that only those with a media pass will have the ability to take photos. If you would like to apply to be a photographer, please email [email protected] with some of your sample photos. Otherwise, media passes will be made available for purchase in a limited quantity.


  • If this for a concert or show, check with the Media Manager, or security on the bands photo policies.
  • NO CAMERAS in any type of dressing room area. Your equipment will be confiscated and returned to you at a later time once we are satisfied your photos have been removed from the camera. This will also probably get you banned, so its a bad idea. If a model who is performing in a runway show, or a fashion designer asks you to take photos, be sure it is away from any dressing room areas and has been cleared with security.
  • NO CAMERAS at any event that has a hotel after party, or any after party sponsored by Horns and Halos with out express permission. This will get you expunged as well. If you feel the need to try and bend this rule, keep your camera in YOUR room. If it exits your room at any time, you will lose your equipment and probably get banned from future events as well.
  • If you work for a magazine, newspaper, or press in any way, please contact our media manager for your passes and information.
  • If you are hired by Horns and Halos or Dethroned Media where we are compensating you with either a pass, vip ticket, or with money, your photos must not have watermarks. Although you will be given credit for every photo we use, we retain the rights to those photos for hiring you for this service.
  • If you purchased a media pass, have fun, the photos are yours to use so long as you are following the rules.

My Receipt Says You Are Going To Mail My Ticket? How Do I Get My Ticket? Where Do I Check In For The Hotel?

If you have purchased Online Presale VIP/General Tickets they can be picked up starting at 8pm at The Venue of Scottsdale. We DO NOT physically mail any tickets nor do we have E-ticket print outs. Your name is on a list which we download from WePay/Authorize.net and is matched against the email address you used on WePay/Authorize.net for any people trying to use your name without your consent. We do require ID checks and WePay/Authorize.net receipts for all tickets. If someone purchased a ticket for you please contact us directly so we can make the appropriate changes on the printed list. There is also a mechanism to attach a simple note during the purchase process through WePay/Authorize.net which you can indicate the ticket is being purchased for a 3rd party and whom that is.

If you purchased a Hotel Combo you may check in to the hotel starting at 3pm and will receive your tickets upon that checkin.

If you purchased a Hotel Combo plus additional VIP/General tickets the additional tickets WILL NOT be picked up upon checkin. You will need to have your additional guests enter through the Venue of Scottsdale Presale/VIP line. This is why we encourage you to get ahold of us to change the name of the additional ticket holder so you do not necessarily have to be there for your ID check.

What Is Your Refund Policy For Tickets or Hotel Rooms?

If you have purchased VIP/General Tickets or a Hotel Combo Pack online through presale and now realize after purchase you cannot come, you may transfer your tickets to another person and simply contact us with that name change. While we particularly loathe “scalping” what you charge for those tickets is entirely up to you. Once you submit a name change for those tickets you cannot go back to the original name for any reason on that event. All online presale tickets are done internally through Horns & Halos Productions & WePay/Authorize.net so we keep track of these things very well.

If for some extenuating circumstance you cannot transfer the tickets to someone we can refund the charge back to you using WePay/Authorize.net. Since WePay/Authorize.net charges us a fee everytime we make a transaction and keeps this fee even when we do a refund we prefer not to do refunds as much as possible. If you absolutely need a refund please use the contact page to let us know your information.

Unused tickets will not be refunded under any circumstance once the show has started.

What Is The Difference Between General Tickets & VIP Tickets?

VIP includes human food desert platter, special seating, extra special food, extra bartenders, special rope and erotic performances plus additional goodies and a bird’s eye view of the venue. Only VIP tickets and VIP Hotel Combo’s are permitted at the inner Afterparty. Anyone can come to the hotel but only VIP can have inner party access which includes the pool and other goodies.

Will There Be Security at the event?

The Venue of Scottsdale has on-site safety monitors provided by the venue. These people are under the auspices of the venue but work in conjunction with our event managers. They provide the highest level of safety and professionalism at our events. You can be sure they will be watchful through the evening. Each safety monitor has a specific area to cover and will be visable by the special “safety badges” they are wearing. Never hesitate to ask for help or report something unusual to them. They will be on site for the entire event. The AfterParty has special on-site safety monitors guaranteeing that party crashers do not just jump into the party.