Desert Dominion Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: 3843 East 37th Street, Tucson, AZ, USA

Desert Dominion is a Southern Arizona alternative lifestyle organization based in Tucson and welcomes everyone regardless of orientation, age (18+), kink (legal activities involving consenting adults), race, creed, religion, etc.

We would like to invite those who are in alternative lifestyles, new to the scene, or just curious about alternative lifestyles to come to our events, meet us, socialize with us, and learn with us. We exist to support, educate, and socialize with one another in a safe and consensual space.

Our members possess a variety of years of experience, of education in related lifestyle activities, and have widely diverse interests.

We have a number of monthly events including educational seminars, hands on training groups, socials, munches, discussion groups, etc…

We have our own meeting space, and hope that you will come and join us for one or all of our many events.

As an organization, we are diverse and we support, educate and provide a safe space for all who attend our events, regardless. If you come, you are included, embraced and welcomed.



  • During play parties, the Dungeon Monitor watches the play area for safety concerns. The Dungeon Monitor has the final word in all conflicts on the play floor.
  • No play at a play party is permitted unless a DM is on duty.
  • The turning on of overhead lights during a play party is the signal to stop all play and get dressed.
  • During seminars, workshops, HOTs nights, and other non-play events, a council member or their qualified delegate is responsible for monitoring the space for safety concerns.
  • Members who play in DD space are encouraged to use easily recognized safewords. The Club recommended safewords are:

RED: stop all activities at once

YELLOW: slow down, not as intense

GREEN: continue

We recommend you notify the DM of your agreed-upon safe-signal when a gag or hood are used.

  • Absolutely no one is permitted to enter the Club unless they have signed the liability waiver form at the front desk and paid the appropriate event related fees.
  • Club will not conduct orientations at play parties.
  • Council members shall not play at the club during dark hours (meaning, when the club is not open to members). They can, however, enter the club at any time in order to conduct business.
  • We encourage personal responsibility and respect for personal choice regarding safe sex. We supply condoms, lube, and latex gloves.
  • No play to intentionally render someone unconscious.
  • No carotid artery play.
  • No working firearms.
  • No play while intoxicated.
  • Consumption of intoxicants is prohibited on club grounds.


  • All activities must be consensual. Don’t pressure anyone to interact with you.
  • We require confidentiality and discretion. Respect the privacy of others, and agree to keep confidential the names and activities of others.
  • Respect others’ play space. Do not disrupt other’s scenes.
  • No outing, slander, libel, or malicious gossip, either on club grounds or in other venues, including munches and social media
  • Do not touch people or their belongings without their permission.
  • Everyone has opinions, and every member is welcome to voice an opinion any time in a non-threatening way.
  • Keep heavy scents to a minimum.
  • No smoking in the building. This includes E-Cigs and Vapes.
  • No animals inside the building except assistance
  • Some fetishes may not appeal to you. Don’t make others feel their kink/fetish is wrong.
  • It is your responsibility to remove yourself from anything you find offensive.
  • Videotaping and photography are allowed only with approval of all persons in view of the camera. Contact the Dungeon Master on duty if either is done on the play floor.
  • No below-the-belt nudity in the food room.
  • If you are scantily clad, please use (and supply) a towel when sitting on the fabric chairs in the social area.


  • Don’t break the law or bring issues that, while legal, may invite an official investigation of the group or attract law enforcement.
  • No solicitation or commission of BDSM activities for a fee.


  • Keep body fluids contained to your scene.
  • No sex in the social areas. During play parties, scenes are restricted to the play floor and the first row of seating.
  • Planned activities that may involve liquids such as hot wax, latex, or blood require a drop cloth.
  • Needle play insertions must be kept on the play floor.
  • Needles and other disposable sharps must be disposed of in a sharps container.
  • Wearable rope (rope that does not restrict the freedom of movement) must be applied and removed on the play floor, but can be worn freely throughout the club.
  • You are responsible for cleaning up the area in which you played. We supply a spray solution for this purpose.

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