Boca Raton Friends Fetlife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Boca Raton, FL, USA

This is a contact opportunity for those living in or near Boca Raton.

It is not the belief, nor the intention, of the owner or moderator(s) that the listing of persons here has created or should be considered to create any legal relationship between or among the persons listed. Labels assigned to the links are preset by Fetlife. The term “members” should not be interpreted as an intention by the owner or moderator(s) to create any type of association or group, between or among, those persons listed.

All conduct, opinions, or statements made by anyone identified by Fetlife as a “member” represents the individual act, statement or opinion of the identified “member” and are not intended nor should be considered as made on behalf or pursuant to authorization of any group or association.

The most accurate description of the listed identities is simply a collection of persons who may share certain interests and who may wish to discuss, share, or learn more about their interests through exchanging information. No group or association of persons is intended to have been created nor should be considered to exist as a result of the listing of identities herein.

NO GATHERING OF PERSONS, IDENTIFIED BY FETLIFE TABS OR LABELS AS “MEMBERS”, IS INTENDED OR SHOULD BE CONSIDERED AS A MEETING OF ANY ASSOCIATION OR GROUP. Persons attending any gathering as a result of any posting in Boca Raton Friends are not participating in any group or association event. Attendance by anyone at any such gathering is solely a function of individual choice and thereby the independent act of each attendee. Any invitation or announcement should also not be considered as coming from any group or association of persons, but solely and directly from the person(s) identified in the announcement/invitation.

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