Fetish in Fredericksburg VA Fetlife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Fredericksburg, VA, USA
Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/groups/7824

A place for the fetish folk in the Fredericksburg/Richmond VA area to exchange ideas, engage in discussion, and explore their interests. Additionally, this group is for planning, organizing, and announcing munches, demos, play parties, and other social, community events.

Curious about the Munches…


  • The Golden Rule, as Aretha preached it – Respect (don’t worry, no song and dance).
  • One of the things we pride ourselves on is the fact that we are very community oriented; our munches, for example, are held with the intention of providing a time and place for people to get together with friends (and loved ones) and for people to make new friends, as well as opportunity to get involved with the community. The atmosphere is relaxed, warm and welcoming, and full of positive energy and the reason for that is simple – it’s full of people who respect and care for one another – the people in this group.
  • If you’re new, please feel free introduce yourself to the group by starting a ‘New Discussion’
  • Topics that involve asking for community advice or opinions are welcomed; however, those topics should be limited to general inquiries of the lifestyle – and/or assistance looking for items, event information, lifestyle questions, etc.
  • Blocking any of the moderators could have you removed, as then we have no way to contact you… and that’s a little shady.
  • NO personal/hook-up ads here!
  • This group is not for random suck and fuck, hook ups, or fulfilling a desire for wank fodder or libido satisfaction. If you’re looking for friends or even a special someone, we encourage you to continue looking; come to some munches, get to know people in your area, and see what evolves from it. This group is not Craigslist, though – no personal ads and no wank fodder.
  • These types of discussions will be surprise buttsex’d by the terminator… and calling red will not save it.
  • Mods, use your discretion, but if you see any personal-wank ads that would be deemed unsuitable for our community – B-86 it and sink it like a battleship.


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  1. Exploring. Looking for someone to help me discretely explore my deepest desires/needs. In Locust Grove VA. Have a vanilla wife, so discretion a must. And yes I am l older… so older is very acceptable to me.

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