Hampton Roads Personals Fetlife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Hampton, Virginia, USA
Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/groups/18923

Alrighty, folks….I know we have some AWESOME groups on here that share vast knowledge, strong opinions, and many a good time. What we don’t have, however, is a group strictly for personals. I think it makes perfectly good sense to troll for someone local vs. another list that has worldwide members. Granted, you can find someone from halfway round the world who is a perfect match but that’s not always the most practical relationship to try and work out (trust Me on this one!).


I don’t think we need 50 rules ‘cuz we are all technically adults, right?

  1. So, no sex for money/trade/etc.
  2. This is not a ‘hookup’ group, this is more for folks looking for a long term relationship. “Hook up” ads will be deleted at My discretion. There are more suitable groups for casual sex/play than this one.
  3. My preference is that you are in Southeastern Virginia or Northeastern North Carolina when you join the group. If that’s not the case (giving some consideration to My military buddies here), please plan on being in the area within the next 30-90 days.

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