RVA Rope Fetlife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Richmond, VA, USA
Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/groups/66133

Who We Are

RVA Rope is a “rope collective” centered in Richmond, Virginia that is managed by a board of members who volunteer their time and talents to organize events and create resources for the local community. (See the list of “Group Leaders” for current board members.)

Our goal is to provide social, skill-share, and educational opportunities and resources that promote the responsible and risk-informed enjoyment of rope bondage and rope bondage art in all of its many forms and styles for all participants in the region. We welcome all experience levels, styles of rope, body types, abilities, races, gender identities, and sexual orientations.


Once Per Month @ Fallout

Social skill share and educational offerings that actively solicits peer sharing and learning while still respecting and welcoming those who would prefer to practice on their own or just observe. Informal guidance for beginners is available at most meetings.

  • Board Leadership: shyaphrodite, alina, danceswithdaleks, sardonic
  • Support: davedesire, maiitsohyazhi, bound_light

Once Per Month / $5 per person @ Private Studio

Rope Lab is a space for advanced practice and skill share where experienced rope practitioners can come together to practice and learn from each other. Please note that there is no formal instruction at Rope Lab—only practice and skill share—and that there are no DMs are on duty.

  • Board Leadership: danceswithdaleks, sardonic, alina
  • Support:


We offer regular “All Tied Up” events and participate in Torture Garden, in addition to other special events with guest educators that occur throughout the year. These are announced as far in advance as possible. Contact ShyAphrodite to help volunteer.

  • Board Leadership: shyaphrodite, alina, sardonic
  • Support: danceswithdaleks, shaybert, bound_light, maiitsohyazhi, davedesire


Rope Study is an educational system based in RVA by the founders of RVA Rope. This is not an RVA Rope event, but we actively support and appreciate their continued work providing educational opportunities for the community. They offer courses, workshops, private instruction, and other educational offerings aimed at helping people learn more about rope (top, bottom, switch, or self-tie) with a focus on risk-informed, responsible progression. These offerings do not have a regular schedule but are announced as far in advance as possible.

  • Instructors: maiitsohyazhi, bound_light
  • Support: davedesire, lacinato, sardonic, alina

Other local BDSM parties in Virginia (VA)

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