Orlando Personals Fetlife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Orlando, FL, USA
Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/groups/48922

This group is for all single, or poly people who are looking for another to add to their real life. Feel free to post a bit about yourself and what exactly you are looking for. Not open to online only. This means that if you aren’t scene active in the Florida community, then you are not welcome in this forum. If you are not scene active and you post or respond to messages, you will be immediately banned…

Feel free to be open and honest as long as it is legal and friendly to others. Any hateful or angry posts will not be tolerated . Posts from single self identifying Masters will be deleted



Doing this will get your post deleted

  1. Not having any profile text (Or less than five sentences)
  2. Bumping more than once a week
  3. Having genitals as your avatar picture
  4. repeatedly posting the same message
  5. Not being scene active

Doing this will get you banned

  1. Blocking a Moderator
  2. Trolling
  3. Breaking the deletion rules three times
  4. Professional services in either direction, or asking for tributes on your profile or in your ad, or offering any kind of financial incentive
  5. Cheating on your partner
  6. Self identifying as a Master

Doing this will get you reported to Fetlife, then banned

  1. Illegal activity
  2. Scamming
  3. Breaking Fetlife TOS

If you are looking for a third, both partners profiles must be viewable…There is no such thing as a couples profile on Fetlife, if you can’t be bothered to take ten minutes to create a profile for yourself then you aren’t welcome in this forum. Its lazy, people don’t like lazy and people don’t ever blind date, its dangerous…

If the claims in your advert don’t match up with your profile or history your advert will be deleted

You are not allowed to post for someone else

This is not a discussion group, if you aren’t interested in the OP, then you should not be posting in the thread, any posts of this manner will be deleted…

We reserve the right to delete or close posts from Dimdoms with delusional expectations and breeding is not an acceptable fetish

If you are not scene active and you post or respond to messages, you will be immediately banned…

Other local BDSM parties in Florida (FL)

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