The Denver Munch FetLife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Denver, CO, USA

This is a great way for the munch attendees to find each other after meeting at the munch, say hello, and keep in touch!!

The Denver Munch is a monthly meeting, following the national tradition of offering the BDSM community a meeting place, usually in a vanilla setting, to eat, drink, meet your community and see your lifestyle friends. We welcome all Coloradoans interested in or involved with the BDSM lifestyle and those visiting our area. Please check the stickies for our calendar and event links.

As always, we reserve the right to ask someone to leave for the evening, or ban them completely from attending the munch. The Denver Munch has full discretion in these matters. We are a group in the local Denver community, and we are not affiliated with any other group.

This group is for and about the Denver Munch. Personal ads will be removed. No outside event posting without prior permission. We try to keep the emails down to just munch business.


No personal ads. This group is for munch discussions/announcements only. For permission to post something off-topic, please contact the mods.

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