Colorado Springs Personals FetLife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Group to help find who and/or what you are looking for in the Colorado Springs area. Primarily for relationship seekers.


Derogatory and flaming posts will be deleted and the writer banned. We are all adults here please act like it.

Refer to people as people or their chosen identities such as sub/dom. As an example don’t write a post about looking for you cumwhore dumpster slut that you are going to use and abuse and then share whether they like it or not. Try to be a little classy and treat people like humans not objects until your in a relationship with them.

Posts with little substance, posters with little to no info or picture on profile are subject to deletion. You must have your “about me” section of your profile filled out. It should be who are you, what are you looking for, what do you have to offer, and what do you like outside of kink. Better profiles get better results.

Old posts and post with a time limit will be deleted on occasion to keep the board easier to read.

Similar posts made by the same poster with in a short time period are likely to be deleted leaving only the most recent post.

Posts referencing illegal activities or activities that could lead to arrest will be deleted. They will also be referred to the caretakers.

No pay for play posts or other site TOU violations allowed. It may get you banned.

Although not illegal in Colorado posts just about smoking marijuana will be deleted do to new FetLife rules. This includes lets get high and chill. If all you want is to get high with someone then this is not the board for you.

Do not post your phone number or identifying information such as address. Do not post kik or other social media information in your post.

Posts should be made by an individual not a house/pack….
An individual account referencing a house/pack is ok.

Posts should be for you not a friend or a friend of a friend. Also no looking for your significant other. If they want someone they need to post for themselves. People aren’t presents and the chances of that type of post working are nill.

If you are just looking for one night stands this may not be the place for you. Fetlife is often thought of more as a community rather then a hookup sight. Other places exist on the web for those type of personals. This does not mean you won’t have success though. Having no pics or profile will reduce your chances greatly. Make sure your posts are well thought out and understandable. That will increase your chances of a response. Crass unintelligible posts will be deleted. Be polite.

I don’t generally send warnings I just delete posts. If you find your post deleted please re read the rules.

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