Voodoo Leatherworks Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Phone: 719-244-3991
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.voodooleatherworks.com/
Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/groups/86019

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In 2013, Voodoo Leatherworks opened its doors as the first legal private membership club dedicated to the exploration of alternative sexual activities in Southern Colorado. Voodoo Leatherworks is a counter-culture community center that provides support to anyone living a consent-based alternative lifestyle, including LGBTQAI+, fetishists, swingers, polyamorous groups, and most anyone who has had a difficult time finding acceptance in a “vanilla” society.

We provide support to these groups by:

  • Creating a safe, welcoming space to live a consensual lifestyle.
  • Providing free education programs that are facilitated by active and experienced members of local organizations.
  • Hosting regularly-scheduled alternative social events for members.
  • Providing an outlet for alternative artists and vendors to create and sell their work.
  • Promoting local community-owned businesses.
  • Offering free HIV testing to members through the Southern Colorado AIDS Project (S-CAP).

Most every dollar Voodoo earns is invested back into supporting the community by supporting its free educational programs, social events, and networking opportunities. 80–90% of all sales go directly to the artists and vendors.

We are a private social club located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Any events involving nudity or play require membership in the private social club owned and operated by Voodoo Leatherworks LLC.

We have many events going on every week! You can see our full and most up to date events calendar HERE

“Why do we charge membership??”

We do this for several reasons. First and foremost, safety.

Believe it or not, there are predators out there in the Community and most of those predatory behaviors occur in private locations like hotels and private homes. Voodoo was created to provide everyone with access to a safe, clean and well-monitored space. We have a zero tolerance policy on predatory and other harassing behaviors and most predators stay far away from locations where their actions can be observed by the community-at-large.

Secondly, Voodoo is able to provide free educational events every week. These educational programs are facilitated by various groups and individuals from around the state. We do our best to keep all of our educational events free or low cost and hope to be able to do so for a very long time.

Paid events and paid membership make this possible. For every party our members attend, for every piece of equipment, art or fetish gear you purchase, you are directly contributing to the livelihood of a hard-working artist, the education of a person new to alternative lifestyles and the continuation of a counter-culture presence in Southern Colorado.

Thirdly, it keeps us legal, and that keeps us running. Rule #1, no one goes to jail (unless they’re really bad).

Full members also get discounts at certain social and art events and on studio/private rentals.

How much is membership?

Membership: $20.00 per person for a year

Renewal is $10.00

Social Membership $5.00/yr

This is a good way to dip your toes into the waters. It allows you to attend events such as game nights, dances and our Voodoo Magic nights, which are BYOB. It does not include full member discounts or any of our swingers or dungeon parties. If you wish to upgrade to full membership, you will receive a $5 discount.

Community Opportunity Card

If you attend a lot of events at Voodoo, we would like to thank you with a free party! Just show off your COC at any paid event and we will happily punch it for you! Once your COC is full, just whip out your COC at the next party and get in for FREE! You can also earn extra punches (get free parties faster) by volunteering at the club.

Can non-members attend as my guest?
Non-members may attend parties if they are the accompanied as a guest of a Member. The sponsoring member will need to be attending said event with guest and will be responsible for the conduct of their guests and the guest will need to pay the guest fee of $15.00 + the door fee for the evening’s event.

Orientation, waivers, rules:

ALL members must sign waivers and accept the terms outlined in the membership agreement. This agreement covers things like non-disclosure, safety, dungeon etiquette, dungeon rules, etc.

ALL members must attend an orientation. We host an orientation class most Saturday nights and at some of our social events. Please ensure that you bring a current photo ID with you.

  • Dungeon Party New Member Orientation is at 6:00pm unless otherwise stated.
  • Swingers Party New Member Orientation is at 7:00pm on the 4th Saturday of the month.

The club has been growing A LOT and with growth, comes a unique set of difficulties as more and more people with different levels of experience from different backgrounds, interests and lifestyles become members. I’d like to take a second to talk a bit about our events, expectations, policies and rules so that we can do a better job of making things more consistent.

  1. Voodoo hosts a lot of different parties that cater to a lot of different lifestyles and it’s important to understand the cultural differences between these events.
    Tasting Parties: 1st Saturdays
    This is designed to let people come out and try out different BDSM experiences as presented by our tasting presenters. Great party for new folks!! On the first Saturday of each month, we will have a full dungeon party with toy bag tours and several tasting stations, so you can try a few things if you’d like. Each month will have a few different stations where a presenter will let you try a certain activity, such as flogging, caning, needles, electricity, etc…

Come join our members in a night of consensual BDSM play in our fully-stocked dungeon with over 3000 square feet of play space, 15 play stations, suspension hard-points and plenty of room to play. This party is for members of our private social club and their invited guests only.

  • Note: Fetish Tastings will run all evening, but play is still allowed around the dungeon, however the Fetish Tasting stations get the priority on time, location and furniture usage.

This party can get loud and a little chaotic and we encourage people to speak with our presenters at the event so as to promote education and understanding of the things that they are demonstrating. THIS IS THE ONLY PARTY WHERE IT WOULD BE ACCEPTABLE TO SPEAK TO A TOP OR ASK TO BE “NEXT” WHILE THEY ARE ENGAGED WITH A BOTTOM.

We definitely encourage conversation and cross talk during this event and so if you are looking for an intimate, quiet space for your play, this may not be the best event to do that.

Dungeon Parties: 2nd & 3rd Saturdays

Dungeon Parties (Including Heavy Hitters Parties and other BDSM play parties) are designed to allow members to engage other members in consensual, kinky play in a quiet environment that allows for them to connect intimately with their play partner. We keep the dungeon play area quieter for this reason, so please ensure that you’re respecting the sanctity of the space by taking your social conversations to the social area.
Scenes can get noisy and full of erotic squeaks, moans and screams… and that’s totally okay! We want you to enjoy your scene in the way you enjoy it best, so if your scene happens to be a loud one, that’s okay. What’s not okay is crowding around someone else’s scene, chatting with your friends and disturbing people who are there to play when there is a designated social area designed for you to have those discussions.
It’s okay to observe someone else’s scene, but if you do please remember the following:

  1. Observe from a respectful and safe distance. This means to stay out of the way of flying implements and try to stay out of the line-of-sight of the people playing as it poses a distraction to both parties.
  2. If you observe something you feel is unsafe, abusive, non-consensual, etc – inform the DM (who can be identified as those wearing a glow stick).
  3. DMs are the only people who should ever speak to the people actively engaged in a scene.
    It’s a good practice to inform the DM about the type of scene you will be doing for a few reasons:
  4. DMs can help you find an appropriate place to set up, based on the type of scene you’re doing.
  5. DMs can better address concerns from guests who approach them if they know what’s going on.
  6. DMs can ensure they have the appropriate equipment on hand to respond in case of an emergency.
    Voodoo is a sex-positive space and as such, sex is allowed at all of our play parties – that includes Dungeon parties, Swingers Parties, Heavy Hitters Parties and Fusion Parties. But just because we are sex positive, does not mean that it’s okay to touch others (or their belongings) without their permission. Ask “May I…” and then wait for their response before touching, hugging, etc. Also keep in mind that just because someone gives you permission for a hug, it doesn’t mean they consented to a kiss, a grope or a lingering grind against their pelvis. It also doesn’t mean that you can always touch or hug that person whenever you see them. It shows respect to someone to ask their permission to share their personal space.
    “No” is always an acceptable answer and should always be respected. Don’t take it personally if someone you asked for a hug or to touch declines your request. They may just be in a bad mood or feel raw after a tough scene.
    Alcohol is not allowed at Dungeon or Heavy Hitters Parties. Members who are caught drinking alcohol or clearly appear to be intoxicated at non-alcohol events will be asked to leave the event and have their membership suspended for 3 months.
    Play is not allowed in the Social area nor in the Parking lot. This includes showing off your toys.
    So a reminder for Dungeon parties:
  7. Take conversations to the Social Area
  8. Don’t crowd or linger around scenes and observe scenes from a respectful distance
  9. Do not talk with people who are in the middle of a scene (This includes during setup, clean up and aftercare) Wait until they have completely disengaged from their “headspace” before engaging them in conversation.
  10. Alcohol is not allowed at Dungeon parties
  11. No play in the social/public areas

Fusion Parties (Dates vary)

Fusion Parties are a mix of social interaction, sex-positive culture and light BDSM play. We allow alcohol in moderation at Fusion parties and because of that, BDSM play should be light and less extreme than what you might see at a regular Dungeon Party. “Light BDSM play” will generally be at the DMs discretion, but a good example of prohibited play at Fusion parties are:

  • Fireplay
  • Bloodplay (Cutting, piercing, etc)
  • Breathplay
  • Suspension
  • Heavy Impact
  • Singletails
    Essentially, any play that could be determines as “Edge Play” should be avoided. DMs may make exceptions at their discretion based on the players’ experience level, whether or not they have consumed any alcohol and the environment at the time.
    Even though Fusion parties are louder and more social, it’s still not appropriate to touch others (or their property) without their permission, engage people who are engaged in their scene or disrupt play by crowding or loud conversations in the play area.

Swingers Parties

Swingers culture is very different from kink culture and these parties reflect a lot of those differences. Even so, there are also some similarities.
Swingers parties allow BYOB alcohol and are for our members who are 21+. These parties are very flirty and include ice-breaker games like naughty Jenga or Strip poker in the play area. Because of these games and how they often result in play or nudity, we allow for the play area to be much louder than what you would find at a Dungeon party.
But even though the play area can get loud and flirty, that doesn’t mean that you’re welcome to grope people without their permission, interrupt play or invade privacy. No still means no and play areas that have posted a “No Peeking” sign are people asking for you to give them a little privacy. DMs and Managers are the only people authorized to enter a play area with play in progress, so please respect the space by giving some space to people who are asking for it.
While Swingers parties are geared more towards couples who are looking for other couples, single men are allowed to attend given that we have enough couples and single women to support it. We maintain a 3 to 1 Couples to Single men ratio to avoid being overwhelmed by single men who are interested in participating.
Transfolk, queer, gender-fluid, gender neutral, non-binary members are also welcome to attend any of our parties in whatever gender they identify with. It is not our practice to question a member’s gender identity or relationship status at any event. Additionally, Gay, Queer and Lesbian Couples are also welcome to attend at our couples rate. We will maintain this practice and will not question a gender or orientation as long as we feel people are not abusing our trust. Eventually, we hope to move away from any pricing that applies to gender or relationship orientation and/or status.
While we allow sex at all members parties, we do not allow BDSM at Swingers parties. Currently, Swingers only have 1-2 events per month and we want to give them the environment they’ve asked for. So, while a little slap on the ass or some hair-pulling in a consensual, sexual scene is okay… leave the whips and rope at home for this one. We offer PLENTY of opportunities for Kinksters to get their kink on.
Wristbands and Lighting “Codes” to help set the tone:
To help members understand better about the type of party we’re hosting and what some of our other members may be interested in, we’ve established a few visual guides.


Play space lighting (The LED lights along the center beam) will be set to whatever type of party we’re hosting. Dungeon , Social/Tasting/Swingers, and Fusion.

  • RED Lights – Dungeon party. Keep noise down, don’t interrupt, don’t crowd.
  • BLUE Lights – Fusion Party. A little louder is okay, but still don’t crowd or interrupt
  • PURPLE Lights – Swingers Party. Loud, flirty and social is okay, but still don’t interrupt scenes
  • GREEN Lights – Social/Tastings. Feel free to talk to presenters, ask questions and socialize

Other local BDSM parties in Colorado (CO)

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