Classifieds! Las Vegas & Nevada Fetlife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Las Vegas, NV, USA

Classifieds for LasVegas, Henderson, Pahrump, Reno and anywhere else in Nevada.
I think being the city we are and having a few groups as well as many visitors to Las Vegas that we needed a classifieds for ourselves. So here it is.
Enjoy and have fun.

Best Regards,


  • Play Nice.
  • Be Respectful.
  • Everyone has their own opinion, accept that.
  • You may advertise about almost anything.
  • You may advertise groups.
  • You may advertise events.
  • You may advertise services.
  • You may advertise jobs.
  • You may look for a job.
  • You may advertise items for sale.
  • You may advertise yourself
  • You may look for a connection.
  • You may not bicker with anyone, or flame anyone.
  • You may not make any references to age 18 and below.
  • You may not talk about bestiality.
  • You may not talk about snuff.
  • You may not talk about prostitution.
  • If no one has posted on your ad in 30 days it will be removed. you can prevent that by “bumping” your ad.
  • Placing a single character (i.e. “.” or “X”) in the subject line or as an ad will get you banned. If you need an ad deleted change the subject to delete, We will remove it.

Violations will be removed.

Group Owner reserves the right to remove threads and responses that violate the rules without notice.

** If you have any questions or concerns message the moderators of this group**

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