Chicken Ranch Fetish Play Dungeon Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: 10511 Homestead Rd, Pahrump, NV 89061, USA
Phone: (702) 382-7870
Twitter: @ChickenRanchNV

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The Chicken Ranch Fetish Play Dungeon is located deep within the World Famous Chicken Ranch Brothel, just outside of Las Vegas.

Our educated, experienced and beautiful Dominatrix’s are in total control. Whether you want a Goddess to worship, or a Mistress that makes you do things beyond your control, you will find her here. Get ready to experience sexual pleasure and fulfillment you never thought possible!

Are you Curious yet? You should be. We have a fully designed custom room for all your kinky pleasures only seen in movies. We have lovingly named this room the Dungeon. If you are new to this erotic wonderland and want to find a new world you can explore, then come let one of our experienced Ladies be your guide to a new way to play. If the terms BDSM, S&M, Role Reversal, or fetish has scared you off, but the thought of you being tied up while a beautiful woman takes control, then this is for you too! You can explore and play with confidence that the Woman you are with will guide you through new pleasures easily and confidently. You will have no fear of not wanting to do anything you don’t want to, but have the complete confidence that you can find new things you’ll be dying to do again!

With our ladies you can have it all! This world is limitless! Play with some bondage, become her sex toy, get a spanking for being a naughty boy, play with lingerie, try role reversal or try new roles! YOU KNOW the thoughts in the darkest recesses in your mind that you never talk about that make you on fire just thinking about them! Nothing is taboo! NO ONE will judge! All you need is the Chicken Ranch Courtesan (or two) of your choice. With her, your fantasies are sacred, private, but best of all… LIVED!

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