Address: Portland, OR, USA

Who are we?

Nawashi, Rope/Bondage Tops, Rope Sluts, m-jo, Sensualists who enjoy bondage, Knot Fetishists, Shibari fanatics, Nawakesho students, Rope bottoms, Masters and slaves who enjoy the passion of bondage, Mummification aficionados, and others who define themselves as Rope/Bondage/Sensuality Enthusiasts.

We are male, female, transgendered, intersexed.  We are Dom, sub, Top, bottom, Switch, unidentified.  We are Queer, Straight, Bi, Omnisexual.  We are over 18, under-dead.  We are from whatever culture we call our own… and we even try to respect one another 🙂  Tough call, I know, but we’re going to try.

Why are we doing this?

We have found that the Portland/Vancouver Metro area has a very diverse yet skilled group of Bondage enthusiasts who previously only could gather at Friday parties, KinkFest, Kink in the Woods, the occasional private party… and we wanted a group to call our own, our own parties where when wrapping our loved one in layers of shrink wrap or suspending our lovers by their toes we did not have to dodge single tails.  Also, we wanted to trade knowledge, skills, swap books, offer a space for rope bottoms to meet Tops with different styles, and in general make friends with individuals who “get it”.  Bondage Enthusiasts are a horse of a different color… who can understand that sometimes bondage *is* the point, that it is a journey in and of itself… and this group offers a place for like-minded individuals to congregate.

To become part of BodyBound:

Send an e-mail to the list moderator containing:

  • your experience (annotated) in the Rope/Bondage/Sensuality community (this can also include the BDSM, Swinger, Poly, and other such communities as applicable)
  • a bit about you (age, identifying sex/sexuality, other pertinent information)
  • what you hope to get out of BodyBound (aka “why us?” education, making contacts, a place to suspend your loved one by their toes…)
  • any special skills/knowledge/resources you could add?

DO NOT SEND US A PHOTOGRAPH OF YOU/ YOUR LOVER. Feel free, however, to send us a URL to said photographs, or send your introduction and *then* ask if we would like a photograph 🙂

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