Bloomington Kink Fetlife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Bloomington, IN, USA

Bloomington Kink is a pansexual group based in south central INDIANA.

BK is dedicated to fellowship and education for those interested in BDSM, Kink, Leather, Rubber, and other Fetishes. While we have minimal rules in place for this forum, there is a strong set of mores. Learn them. Bloomington Indiana is a college town, and has a kink culture that reflects the transient nature of college students and instructors, as well as a stable population of townies who have been here a long time. The variety of people, interests, orientations of every stripe are mind boggling, so take some time to read the archives and get a feel for things.

Read the stickies. Ok, we know you probably won’t read them all, but read the ones that seem relevant, and at least note that they’re there in case you need them later. Particularly, note the one that has the different types of events that happen regularly in Bloomington, and the times they happen.

Bloomington Kink is a hub forum. Its function is to operate as a place for people to post their events, promote their activities, and to socialize in neutral space.


  • Be respectful. Follow the golden rule. Violators will be punished…and not in a fun way.
  • No flaming in the forums. Maintain respectful debate language.
  • Hate language or support for hate language or groups will be edited, deleted, or banned.
  • Blocking a moderator is grounds for being banned from the group. Unblocking the moderator and sending a message to the group owner with get the ban lifted.

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