Chico Area Kink Experience FetLife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Chico, CA, USA

Chico California Munch – Anderson California Munch – Redding California Munch

Yes, you can have your CAKE and taste it too! There IS kink in the northern California Valley beyond the bounds of Sacramento. Please consider joining this group if you want to find out about what is available in our region. Don’t just sit back, speak up and tell us what you would like to see.

Then come out and meet us IRL at a munch. We have several a month, which are announced in the forum, and also on the home page of (conveniently accessible on mobile devices).

After we’ve actually met you, we’ll likely tell you where the parties are. Intelligent and careful people in the kink community (especially in small communities) don’t give out the addresses of kinky play parties to people they haven’t actually met and talked to, no matter how “nice” you seem online.

[If you don’t come out from behind the computer, we’ll still like you and talk to you — but you’re very likely not getting that much real kink on. You’ve got exactly ONE life on Earth — and if you were finding everything that you wanted out of it in the vanilla world, you wouldn’t be on FetLife. Don’t just talk about exploring your needs…DO SOMETHING about them!]

Chico CA — Anderson CA — Redding CA

Other local BDSM parties in Butte

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  1. Hi there how and where do we meet so you all can see we are real and wanna play as well . I’m steve. And I have a friend with benefits girl that plays sometimes she is melissa. We are so tired of the trips to Sacramento or Stockton and San Fran. Among other far away spots just to hit and miss anyway 530 318 8025 my cell number if that helps at all

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