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I am looking for a lady who wants to explore her sexuality and who is more of an exhibitionist. I would love to find a female who is bisexual or bi curious. I am very open sexually, but I am very discreet, private, faithful and trustworthy. I am very well-off; I have a career, and own a business. I am looking for a lady who wants to read and watch porn together and try new things and toys. I have a high sex drive and I am very oral, and I love doing oral on a lady for hours. I would like to find my true sexual soulmate. I love to run, bike, hike and to be outdoors. I like to watch TLC, Discovery Channel and the History Channel. My favorite shows are Halt and Catch Fire, The Newsroom, Masters of Sex, House of Lies, Ray Donavan, and The League. I love to cook with my partner just wearing an apron. Sexually I love role playing, fantasies, stockings, toys, sex swings, semi-public sex, and a little BDSM. I am 46 year white male 5’9′ 170 shaved head, brown eyes. I am in great shape, I run about 6 to 8 miles daily. I am 9 inches long and thick. I shave daily. Here is one of my fantasies:I am in a Barnes and Noble Bookstore one evening; I am wearing a dress shirt & tie with slacks. I am in the ‘self help’ section looking at the sex books. You are wearing a skirt that comes above the knee with a sheer blouse and high heels. You also are wearing a matching sheer bra, thongs, garters and stockings. You walk by me and see I am looking at a sex book; you look over my shoulder and say ‘I would love to try some of those positions.’ And I reply ‘I could show you the whole book, but you will need all night to do it.’ You smile at me, and then you grab my ass and feel around my waist and felt my big hard cock. I reach up under her skirt and felt her wet sheer thongs. I smile back at you. I do not say a word, I start to walk out of the store, and you follow me. I get in my truck and you get in your car. You follow me to my apartment. I get out of my truck and you start to get of your car, but where you parked, when you open your door and get out, you give a nice view of your sheer thong and wet pussy. We smile at each other; we do not say a word. I walk to my apartment and you follow a few steps behind so it does not look like we are together. I get to my apartment and open the door and walk in. I leave it open. I turn the television on and you walk in and close the door behind you. You do not say a word. You walk up to me and we start to kiss, deep wet kisses. You start to grab and play with my big cock while we kiss. I reach out and start to play with your beautiful round breast. I can feel your nipples get hard and erected. Then your drop to your knees and undo my belt and unzip my pants to expose my big nine inch thick cock. I let my pants hit the floor and step out of my shoes and pants. You start to lick my cock head all around and up & down the shaft for a few minutes before you take my cock in your mouth and suck on it. I took my shirt off and start to undo your blouse and take it off exposing your beautiful round d cup breast in their sheer bra. I unhook your bra and you let it drop to the floor. I start to fondle your breast, after 20 minutes of you sucking my cock; I pick you up and lay you on the bed. I start to lick and run my tongue all over your milky white breast then your pretty nipples and lightly sucking on your nipples, going from your left one then your right one and back again, over and over. Mean while I have been reaching between your glorious tan legs rubbing your inner thighs and your smoothly shaved pussy through your sheer thongs. Your thongs are soaking wet with your sweet tasting pussy juice. After about 30 minutes of sucking and fondling your breasts, I lifted your great ass to pull off your skirt first and expose your soaking wet thong clad ass and pussy. I reach around your waist and pull your wet thong off slowly. Your pussy exposed with a runway pattern shave. Your pussy is dripping wet with your juices slowly running from your pussy to your beautiful asshole and your ass crack. I start to kiss your breast then slowly move the kisses down to your abs, then between your legs and kiss your inner thighs, then ran my tongue on both sides of your pussy and over your labia then put my nose over your pussy crack and slowly take a breath and release it out slowly. You arch your lower back and ass to touch your pussy to my lips. I start to slowly run my tongue over your pussy crack and taste your sweet pussy juices. I start to run my tongue over and around your clit. I insert my index finger in your pussy as my tongue is working on your clit. I start to massage your G-spot while gently sucking on your clit. Your body is arching your ass in rhythm with my finger in your pussy. Your moans are growing louder and louder, you are getting closer and closer to climaxing. You want me to lay in a 69 position to start to play with my cock. You start to suck on it, but can’t because you are moaning so loud. You give up and just play with it as you are about to climax. Your pussy is so wet that it is all over your thighs and ass. Then as you climax you yell ‘Oh Shit’ and start to shake. After a few minutes of shaking you grab a condom and put on my huge hard cock and play with my balls as you are doing this. After that you straddle me to ride my cock. You position your pussy right on the tip of my cock’s head and in one hard forceful thrust down; you slam my hard cock deep within you. And the look on your face and the loud sigh you released is priceless. 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