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The Long Island Ravens M.C Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Long Island, New York, USA
Website: http://www.liravensmc.org/about.html

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The Long Island Ravens M.C. is an brotherhood of men…
who are proud to make the leather lifestyle an important part of their lives,
who would like to further and strengthen the image of leather on Long Island,
where leathermen can offer friendship and positive support to others like themselves.

The club recognizes that this brotherhood consists of individuals who are able to maintain their individuality, personality and behavior patterns.

We believe in the self worth of an individual and offer to our membership an extended family.

We do our best to support the tradition of hospitality and reciprocated trust to other men in our leather tribe. We recognize the special bonds in our brother leather clubs, and always welcome the opportunity to meet and party with friends and guests. If your club is coming to Long Island, please let us know way ahead of time. We’ll make sure your stay is as comfortable as we can it.



The L.I. Ravens M.C. meets monthly — normally on the third Saturday of the month — currently we round-robin between member homes across the island or neutral venues. We also hold, at regular intervals, club nights at the Long Island Eagle, Blanche and other clubs. Check the our Events Calendar for specific dates and times.

Social Activities:

The L.I. Ravens M.C. participate in many local, national and private social gatherings. We proudly support the our local events and volunteer our services whenever possible. The Ravens also sponsor several social gatherings including motorcycle day rides, camping weekends and “after-hour” parties. While some of these events are “members only”, many are open to all those interested in attending.

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