NYC Daddy Dom’s & Baby Girls Fetlife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: New York, NY, USA

A place where local NYC Dom’s and Baby Girls can meet, talk and share the special bond that we enjoy so much.This is a place for conversation and discussion of relationship issues associated with being the kind of dominant male known as a Daddy Dom and/or a submissive lil partner of a Daddy.


Civility and good manners are ABSOLUTELY required! Granted, there will be a little “bratting” now and then, but direct attacks towards a fellow Daddy/Baby Girls will not be tolerated. If you cannot simply follow this basic rule, please see your way to the door.

  • This group DOES NOT refer specifically to age play. While age play is part of the Daddy Dom -Baby Girls dynamic for many, and may be discussed here from time to time, it does not define that dynamic.
  • This group NEVER refers to or supports sexual involvement of any kind with minors.

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