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Address: Syracuse city, NY

Country: USA

Ad: Ever since you can remember you have had different tastes than that of those around you when it comes to sexuality. Your ashamed to talk about it with girlfriends and roghtly so. They wouldnt understand. Their utterly and completely vanilla. They wouldn't know kink if it came up behind them and paddled their sweet little asses red. So with nowhere to turn to and no one to talk about it with, you resort to online blogs and sites. You sit in bed with your panties soaked as you rub your clit and read the filthy, dirty, degrading things on these sites and blogs. Every story of Domination, every account of submission, every fantasy of perverse sexual acts send chills down your spine and in turn make your kitty all the wetter. Fortunately for you, luck MAY be on your side. I have been a Dom/Bull/Daddy for over 5 years now. I'm 28 years old, 190 pounds. This is not for the feint of heart. This is not for the pretenders or the curious experimenters. This is not for someone looking for a FWB. This is for one thing and one thing only. 110% submission. This is for women who crave submission and ownership above all else. They want nothing more than to relinquish control. You may even be in a position of power at work. Lording over your peers making sure they do what their paid to do. Yet, behind closed doors, nobody would know that you crave nothing more than to give up that control. You are submitting your mind and body to your Master. Knowing full well that He will do whatever it is that pleases Him with it. You live for the look on His face when he cums, knowing you've pleased your Master to the best of your ability. You happily kneel be his side waiting for the opportunity to be useful for your Master and catet to his every whim. You want the pleasures that cum with submission, and the pain and punishment that follows when you misbehave. You want to be blindfolded, bound, and gagged. You want to be spanked, whipped, and paddled for mischief. And you especially want the tender, sensual aftercare you receive when Master cares for your bruised body parts by softly rubbing cooling lotion on the tender areas. All in the hopes it will mold you into the perfect sub for your Master. A live fucktoy who lives for the pleasure of Him. This is what it means to submit. Do you feel you are ready? Do you feel you can truly submit yourself to another. If you feel this is the case than you must prove your worth. Prove that you are indeed worthy enough to be collared by a Dom. Useful enough to become Masters plaything. If you feel that you are up for the challenge you are to respond to this ad saying something very specific. You are to state I, then your name, followed by 'am ready to apply for the position of sub/slave for my potential Master. You will then receive a follow up email with an application/questionnaire. This will determine your eligibility by identifying key components that I find suitable within a sub under my guidance. You will answer the questions honestly and to the best of your ability. Whether you receive the gift of submission or not, you will receive and email back. It will either state your application was not accepted at this time or that your application was impressive and a follow up interview will be required. After said interview you will know if you are accepted for the position or not. Good luck ladies, and may you find the Dom you are looking for.

Added: Sept. 25, 2019

Contact: 7479@dungeons.fetishclubsreviews.org

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