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Address: Helena, MT

Country: USA

Ad: then tie you to the bed posts so you can't touch yourself don't you? I tie double half-hitches to the posts so I can get just the right tightness. I adjust the ropes so your long, sexy, shapely legs are spread in a wide 'V', your fat labia yawning widely welcoming Me. I firmly glide my left hand around your crotch, deliberately avoiding your erect little clit. 'Slave, do you want Me to touch your sweet delicious cunt?' 'Y-yes please, Sir -.' 'Not yet, My slut. I got a new toy to play with.' I slip the ring of a tiny clit vibrator over my left index finger. 'Oh oh Master what is that?' 'Quiet my lovely, toy. .. you groan in anticipation when the little vibe starts whining like an angry bee. I turn small circles around your clit with my vibrating finger, again avoiding direct contact. ' Master please put it on my clit!' With My other hand I grab one of your ample breasts sqeezing and pulling at your nipples, you arch your back deeply. 'Who owns your helpless body, slave?' 'Master owns my body - oooh fuck me!' Your ass lifts off the bed in an effort to press your pussy against the joy buzzer. I slide My hand back over your belly resting on top of your mound. 'Tell your Master what you are, first, slut.' I am...? More for you?

Added: Sept. 25, 2019

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