Montana (MT) Fetish Hookup Ads

  • helenaHelena, Montana (MT)
    then tie you to the bed posts so you can’t touch yourself don’t you? I tie double half-hitches to the posts so I can get just the right tightness. I

  • butteButte Silver Bow, Montana (MT)
    Hello truckers/travelers. I am a submissive cock worshiper looking to service cock no strings attached. I am clean, bug free, 5’10’ tall 180# better than average looking (so Im told)

  • great fallsGreat Falls city, Montana (MT)
    Seeking an attractive female around (within 10 years) the age of 26. Attraction can mean a great deal of things. Send a picture with reply and a phone number or

  • bozemanBozeman, Montana (MT)
    I have a fetish I want help with….I want to be blindfolded, and tied up, and then made to please u….tell me how to suck your cock…tell me I’m going

  • kalispellHelena, Montana (MT)
    So i am wondering if there is any women out there who have a blowjob fetish who also like to go fast looking hopefully 18-30 hit me up or try

  • billingsBillings city, Montana (MT)
    If your clean have favors and a place to party ill be your slave for the night send a pic an get one back of,whatever you send

  • eastern montanaHelena, Montana (MT)
    Sex coach LF… Well, technically, I’m more of a BDSM coach. A sex coach implies I’m a therapist and I don’t want any miscommunication. I’m not a licensed therapist. I’m

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