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I have several fantasies I’ve always wanted to try but here’s what I’m thinking. We try either mine or yours and if we have fun we try another? Here’s mine. I’ve always wanted to give a sensous full body oil massage. ( I’ve only done boob oil massages kind of a boob fetish) I want it to start off completely pg you’re wearing maybe a bikini and towels that covera your top. The oil massage is sensous and arousing and the conversation is great. This is my profession but somehow I can’t keep my mind of your lucious body. My hands start to get closer and closer to your breasts and higher and higher up your thighs. Conversation slips now I’m massaging you with a different look in my eye my massages become slower more sexual. My hands start reaching farther and farther up your upper towel until now I’m massing your breasts and your hard nipples feel Mazing on my hands you can’t help but let out a small moan and you start to squim tension is building….something like that! I’d love to hear from you even if it’s just to talk fantasies and get ourselves riled up. Looking for hwp- curvy no bbw please just not my type. I’m 6′ average/muscular erotic mind looking for something amazing. Tell me your fantasy?