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**single ladies** M/F couples** Lesbian Couples** Female Transvestites** Many ladies that date, have a boyfriend, lover or are married are submissive. Being submissive is the 1st step in entering BDSM for most females. There are however female Masters in certain relationships. How to act and practice BDSM safely is very important. There are many untrained want-a-be Masters that have the urge to engage in the practices but have no knowledge just as you may have any. Your safety has to be paramount. You must be instructed by a real bdsm Master and not a want-a-be. Bdsm requires a Sub and a Dom. The Dom is usually call ‘Master’ or Sir. Usually the lady is sub. There are many names a sub might be called including her own name. My subs get to help pick out what to be called when in private. Some like slutty names and some like other terms. ‘My pet’ is a well-used name as are many others. Still other subs like to be called be their own name. There are many misconceptions about this subject. Many ladies love this life style. It is not just about pain. It is a special relationship between the Master and the Mastered. Being tied up, blindfolded, spankings and sex while doing some of these things or others heightens many ladies pleasure. Yes, there can be pain involved but that depends on the individuals involved and is not always necessary. Being a female bdsm sub is not for everyone. Like all forms of bdsm It requires the submissive person to turn her entire body, her well being and her very existence to the service of her Master. Subs serve and demand nothing in return. A good Master respects and protects his sub. Some Masters also practice swinging with their subs. Learn what bdsm is all about including the submissive behavior expected and practice the actual activities during instruction. I no longer practice bdsm regularly but on occasion I still instruct a newbie lady in the methods used and the safety needed by her. You will gain the knowledge needed do it all, the safe way. In doing this you will be able to move on to serving a male or female Master if you wish knowing that you’re not a newbie anymore and can recognize dangerous activities before engaging in them. Just contact me so we can discuss the subject and see if training fits your needs. Please start thinking of your new bdsm name of your choice. Not all students will be excepted. I must be sure this really is right for you and that to a large degree your happiness depends on receiving instruction in bdsm. I reserve the right to refuse you. Your age, body type, height, weight or ethnic origin is not a problem. There are Masters willing to except you as you are, once trained properly. I await your response! Retired Master Instructor

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