ithaca fetish BDSM hookup ad

You are a woman who prides herself on understanding what makes people click, and that ultimately its the chemistry between two people that makes it all happen, and that no amount of check boxes or form filling is going to predict who ultimately gets along. You like to observe people and laugh at their silliness; you know we all try to act more sophisticated than we really are. You also know that getting along requires compromise, and marriage is perhaps the biggest compromise each of us makes, and if you’re married, you might have that vague sense there’s something else out there, but you’re comfortable and not looking to make big changes. But perhaps exploring that ‘something else’ gets you a little excited, the notion of newfound passion after so many years of the same. I can be the something else. I am attached, available certain days and nights, and looking for a kindred spirit. Seeking a married (or single) woman who can be my partner in crime, my mistress, my ‘other woman’. Can I be your ‘other man’? Let’s meet and find out!

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