albany fetish BDSM hookup ad

My wife and baby girl are looking for a girl to participate in a unique experience. We are both exceptionally attractive and in good shape. I am her daddy Dom and her world. And very proud to be that. We have a joint fantasy that is actually more hers than mine. We are looking for a woman to use for our pleasure. If you are familiar with the daddy Dom dynamic, I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. Her specific idea is a situation where you are on the bottom of the ladder. She wants to say things like, ‘So you want to suck his cock so bad? Here.’ and then push your head onto my cock and make you gag. She would also like me to force you to eat her pussy. This would also be her first bi experience. Chances are good that you would be set on the bed and allowed to masturbate while I fuck her. Spankings will be issued and perhaps the two of you may grow to work together over the course of the session. As long as you can remember your place, you can be guaranteed a good time. In a perfect world, a younger girl is preferred. Somewhere in the ages of 18 to 26 or 27. If you are interested but are not in that age range, please drop us a line. It certainly won’t hurt as attitude is much more important than age and looks. You will not be hurt and I am a very experienced daddy Dom who strives to give you the most pleasurable experience you can ever have. Drinking is fine and we will most likely do this in a hotel room. The most important part of all of this is having fun. Should you decide to take a chance on us, I can guarantee you that you will have one of the, if not the best sexual experience of your life. Pictures are required upon your application. More than that, intelligence and willingness to please a very attractive and established couple are needed. If you are too shy to send pictures right away, then you will send an intelligent, attention-getting reply. Please include your actual email address as well. This is more her doing than mine, so I will offer her nothing but the very best. She is my sweet baby girl and she deserves it.

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