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Wichita First Friday Munc Fetish & BDSM Club

Website: http://www.wffmunch.com/


A group that provides a welcoming atmosphere within which all open minded people above the age of 18 may learn how how to engage in safe and sane practice of leather, fetish and BDSM lifestyle!

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Other local BDSM parties in Kansas (KS)

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  • Facebook and Instagram of alternative sex. There is no place for many popular and successful social networks because if you use one or two – you will not use others, because you don’t have time and because you can already find all people at networks you use. So at the place which we will discover to you, you will find the most of various perverts in your location and in locations you plan to visit. That place is in the top 3000 most visited websites of the world and has the biggest user base among fetish and BDSM people
  • United States of America (USA) > Kansas (KS)
  • Number 1 non-vanilla dating app for BDSM/fetish sex - the Tinder+Bumble+OkCupid+Badoo, all in the same place, but full of naked photos of bodies, dicks and vaginas of members who want only one thing: no string attached perverted sex with you!


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  • AHS is one of Kansas City’s oldest organizations for the appreciation of alternative sexuality, BDSM, and fetish lifestyles; we provide educational and social opportunities for adults to explore, develop, and share their interests in these topics with one another in a safe, anonymous environment. We offer monthly demonstrations, classes, and discussions on a variety of topics relevant to the needs and interests of our community, monthly social gatherings where people can get to know one another, and host a handful of special events throughout the year like kinky camping trips, auctions, and holiday events.  We partner with other, similar organizations in our local area. AHS educational events are held on the first Saturday of every month, and our social even is held…
  • Kansas (KS) > Kansas City city
  • Welcome to Kansas City’s friendliest, most fun-loving group of kinksters: the Consentians! Consent Kansas City is dedicated to bringing kinky fun back to the local lifestyle community. We average at least an event per week, and all of them are designed to allow folks to really get to know the incredibly diverse, generous, educated, knowledgeable, witty, perverted, caring, responsible funsters who make up the Fellowship of Consentians. CKC is a group for open-minded discussion by adults, for adults. Please act as an adult. We exist to educate those interested in the safe practice of the BDSM Lifestyle and are continually learning from each other. We are NOT a Swingers group. Swingers are welcome at our events, with the understanding that…
  • Kansas (KS) > Kansas City city
  • Kansas city affairs is a group that arranges intimate encounters for those into the BDSM lifestyle. Check our website for more details
  • Kansas (KS) > Kansas City city
  • A group of switches and slaves in Kansas city. We meet to talk, learn, ask questions and voice our concerns on issues relating to our lifestyle..Do not remain in the closet
  • Kansas (KS) > Kansas City city
  • A group based in Kansas. We support all kinksters and offer workshops and munches to help the fetish community.People from all races, genders and orientations are welcome
  • Kansas (KS) > Kansas City city
  • All people into rope bondage are free to join this group to learn and discuss various issues on the art in its various forms
  • Kansas (KS) > Kansas City city
  • The title says it all. This is a group for those of us that live in the “vast wasteland” (said by the Philly girl) known as Kansas or nearby. Rules: No posting of __ANYONE’S__ personal information. This includes full name, address, phone numbers, place of work, etc. _If you wouldn’t want a stranger to know it about you, don’t post it about someone else!_ There is NO censorship in this group. I will __ONLY__ edit a post of someone else if it contains personal information about another person. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Be adult enough to stand behind your words. No discussion of ANY topics banned by Fetlife’s terms of service. These include beastiality, pedophilia,…
  • Kansas (KS) > Kansas City city
  • A BDSM group open to lifestyers in the Kansas City Area. Membership is only to those above the age of 18
  • Kansas (KS) > Wichita city
  • A real time munch group for kinksters in Wichita and the surrounding areas. Come meet other twisted lifestylers like yourself and have fun together!
  • Kansas (KS) > Emporia
  • An interesting social group for people interested in the BDSM lifestyle.
  • Kansas (KS) > Kansas City city
  • A boy leather group on Kansas city that aims at supporting and promoting the alternative lifestyle with respect, sanity and integrity!
  • United States of America (USA) > Kansas (KS)
  • Greetings! Life has many delicious thrills we forget to allow ourselves to enjoy. Whether it be due to lack of time, social standards, or perhaps the small space of your teeny tiny apartment. Whatever the reason you need to find that time, throw standard to the winds, and discover a place that has much more to offer than a four post bed (if even that). Indulge at the Sanctuary Kansas offers about 7000sqft of play space for every person looking to enjoy themselves. Enjoy what? You ask. Well, we offer a place for all you lovely kinky people, swinger folk and all other walks of the ‘alternative’ lifestyles. Voyeur meets Exhibitionists. Kinky meets Curious. Desire meets Lust. There is no…
  • Kansas (KS) > Wichita city
  • The Space – Wichita, is dedicated to supporting the BDSM, Kink, Fetish, LGBTQ, Leather Community through education, acceptance and community building events. We are a private members only dungeon that hosts Play Parties and Educational Opportunities. Please check our event calendar to see what is coming up next. Anyone attending a BDSM\kink event night must be vetted by the supporting group prior to the night’s scheduled events. We do not have a guest policy because EVERYONE must be vetted. Maintaining safety privacy is our priority. No judgments, just enjoyable kink. Classes to attend. Special events to take place. Not to mention events to get your kink on.
  • Kansas (KS) > Garden City #
  • People living in Western Kansas, Southwestern Nebrasaka or Eastern Colorado with an interest in power exchange are welcome to join our group. We have built a family of friends, you too can join!
  • Kansas (KS) > Wichita city
  • Just a group for all of us that are in or near the surrounding areas of Wichita And southern Kansas and northern Oklahoma. This will be a good way to talk and see what everyone is into. And find information about a lot of different topics and the coming events. And to find all of the information you may want about area groups. Feel free to join, and start a topic. Please no cross posting, let us keep each post as it’s own so that there is not confusion as to the topic and so it is respectful of the person who posted the original thread. Of course some news like more restrictions on our rights is to be spread.…
  • Kansas (KS) > Wichita city
  • A group that is committed to enhance the development of of the Leather fetish community. Our goal is to give our members educational opportunities that promote safety and sanity of lifestyle.
  • United States of America (USA) > Kansas (KS)
  • A best place to start and continue your insanely active and at the same time safe alternative sexual life. It’s a way better to start it online and prepare for meetings in real life than do it at the bar or at the night club. Even BDSM dungeons and fetish conventions can be a great discouragement if you visit them without preparation. BTW most dungeons and local misstresses have their pages at the place we talk about.

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